[PC] Eternal league bug

Hello, I'm having a problem with eternal league, I just finished the NAF Autumn Championship with my Orc team (no custom or mixed team) and I finished first place, after that I tried to register to the chaos cup (the NAF Autumn Championship is supposed to give tickets to the first 2 places) but it says the competition is only available on winter and the option to use ticket is grayed out and I cant register.

Same for me .
the NAF Autumn Championship Is not valid despite the end of the

but valid in the management


sry english is not my native language .

This is mentionned in the post "known issues"

Community Manager

Hi, if you're playing on PC/Mac, this issue should be fixed now with the latest hotfix. It will arrive in a couple of days on console.

@Netheos Thanks and keep up the good work!

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