A lot of questions

Hi! I'm WtA fan ang gamer, and I'm looking forward to PC game a lot.
And I have a lot of questions to ask Focus Home.

Will you make Umbra as individual location to explore? Will it be possible to visit Umbral realms? How about spirit pacts, totems, and fetish creation?

What about caerns? Will Glasswalkers have individual city caern?

What about caern management and sept politics? Or it will be action only?

I am also curious about how totems will be handled. I'm asking for a friend...

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for coming in the forums!

It's too early in the development process to answer these questions. A lot of things might still change and we don't want to give you wrong info!

We'll communicate more about the game as soon as we have something solid!

Is it true that we will be playing a ronin?

How frenzy will play out?

When will we know where the game is set? Will it be in the US? In Europe (please make it in Europe!)? Maybe in France, since development is in France? Somewhere else? Curious!

@Huskhar I hope they handle frenzy in the similar way Troika did in Bloodlines. Complete loss of control and your character wrecks everything around it.

@Socrates yeah me too, but garou have several types of frenesi, fox, berserk and wyrm to be precise.

And there is the "brawler" factor, mostly caused by social interaction, like in the falling down movie, i wonder if they will put that in the game, like someone try to sell something for you above the market price and you turn into a monster hahaha pretty cool.

Will the game have any "online" features?


I really hope so, please devs, multiplayer is half of the fun in most games

eventhough i'd buy this game even if it was just to support the werewolf community...

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