(PS4) Game Clock/God Mode glitch

The A.I. Team waited the full 2 minutes out of 2 minutes to take their turn. then the game clock fluctuated between 0:01 and 0:00 and then all their players started moving and every single one of them I shit you not rolled a 6. A 6 to block, a 6 to dodge, a six to literally everything. It didn't seem to effect my dice rolls as none of my players were injured.

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for your report.

Which platform do you play on? Could you also give us the name of your team, league and competition?


I'm on Ps4. I can't remember the league or team. I know it was a mixed team within the 1st solo league setting. I also know that It has happened quite a few times since then, i almost exclusively use mixed teams because i as a person crave variety and depth. Speaking of which, do you know if mixed teams are going to get jersey colors? The default was are really generic. Since it has happened continuously, but only on the 2 minute setting. I did a few games at 1 minute and things seemed ok. But on the 2 minute setting when the clock magically doesn't run out it now appears that the all six rolls were somehow circumstantial. As it didn't happen the other handful of times.

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