PC Is diving tackle working?

Hello, sorry to post this here as this is more of a doubt I have. I've been playing with my Kislev team and I noticed that the diving tackle skill says it works "only when useful" but so far my blitzers have only used this once and it has never asked me if I want to use it neither it has been used automatically in many situations when I would have needed it after an opossing player is leaving my blitzers tackle zone.

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It's probably because if the dodge roll is high enough to succeed, even including the diving tackle skill, the game doesn't suggest you to use it.

I agree.
Anyway it seems that diving tackle isn't active on the rerolled dodge.
An opponent, Nipak, AG3, has tried to dodge out of my diving tackle player. The log file says (I have tried to upload the image) :
//Nipak : Dodge (4+) : 4 +1 (dodge roll) //Dodge : 4 // Reroll // Dodge (4+) : 4+1 SUCCESS

The first "4" has triggered the option for me to use diving tackle. The dodge roll is recalculated incorrectly, but anyway the dodge has to be rerolled. After the roll the second "4" is counted as a success instead of a failure

It should be written :
//Nipak : Dodge (4+) : 4 +1 (dodge roll) //Dodge : 4 +1 (dodge roll) -2 (diving tackle) // Reroll // Dodge (4+) : 4 +1 (dodge roll) -2 (diving tackle) FAILURE


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I've seen this before and been confused as well. Is DT not being applied to the rerolled dodge?

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Yeah, there's currently a bug with it

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