Mixed Team: Constructive Discussion

I'm quite happy with how the Mixed Teams have been put in place. Blood Bowl has been playing around with mashup teams since the very first edition, and I think this way of doing it has a lot of merit.

But not a lot has been written up on them yet, so I thought I'd start the ball rolling. If you hate the concept of mixed teams, please start another thread - this one is for discussing them as a positive addition to the game.

Anyway, I noticed yesterday that my Undead United team didn't seem to have any available Star Players. Igor - check. Mercenary list players - check. Bribes, Extra Training, Bloodweiser Babes... but none of the Stars that play for those teams.

Is this a general thing? It would make a certain amount of sense if Mixed Teams simply can't take Stars, since their expanded rosters should mean they don't really need them. Or is it a bug? Or is it even that a Star might need to be able to play for ALL sub teams? (There is no Star Player that will play for all four, as it happens...)

Another thing I'm curious about are the team reroll costs. It's 70k for Undead United... but all four sub-teams have that cost anyway. Other clusters will have varying reroll costs (Most of the Good teams are 50k, but Halflings are 60k; Goblins are also 60k, but Ogres are 70k etc).

Has anyone sat down and checked this yet?

Edit: Had a chance to check and the Good team has 50k rerolls and the Small People one has 60k. Didn't have time to set up a a game to look at inducements.

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none of the mixed race teams can get a star player, and i for one think that is a good thing, it still lets the pure teams get things the mixed cant.

playing a mixed team often has you play with less RR's and also more TV bloat, this helps balance it some vs a pure team 🙂

The less rerolls and more bloat are not an inherent function of mixed teams... they are due to players who rely on guides not having any and making bad decisions.

It should mean, long run, less bloat in fact, since most skills and stats are far cheaper in new players than adding them to leveled ones.

compare your average passer to your average lineman for example. Passers usually cost 20k more but come with 2 skills more. So you are getting 2 skills at half cost, AND getting a new skill type without paying the doubles premium.

By mixing and matching players from various teams, you avoid a lot of the doubles bloat.

It's a fallacy trying to find ways they are "fair" they aren't. they are fun alternative ways to play but will never be balanced with the base teams.

By limiting it to specific mixes I think they've headed off a lot of the real problems. All the big guys are pretty much self-balanced. No Undead team has a reliable Thrower, for example, although I did buy a Thro-Ra to get Passing skills. Some day he might even level up and get one 🙂

I'll work out the reroll costs for the rest, unless someone else wants to do it first.

Alliance of Goodness 50k
Chaotic Player Pact 60k
Afterlife United 70k
Superior Being Ring 60k
Union of Small People 60k
Violence Together 60k
Grand Elf Coalition 50k
Chaos God's Selection 60k
Far East Association 60k
Anti-Fur Society 60k
Human League 50k

rerolls cost whatever the lowest cost for the teams available is.

Incorrect. Amazons are in the Anti-Fur League and their rerolls are 50k.

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