Forum post edition issue

Hi i don t know if you can help me but i am a having a couple of issue with the new forum .
I tried to write a post with bullet points but while i wrote it correctly the client seems to have changed it completly ( lay up and numbering)

If i try to edit it to modify the presentation it tells me i am trying to spam .
Can someone explain what I am doing wrong??0_1505032546116_editing a txt .jpg

Community Manager

I think a blank space is missing between "2." and "all".

And between "6." and "Optional" too :p

But if i try to edit it automaticaly assume it is a spam and forbid any changes

The forum has issues. You can't flag a post as spam or offensive and apparently can't edit your own post.

Hopefully, it'll be fixed.

I did managed to flag someone but i got my own post deleted lol

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