Kick not used

playing with Orcs in Ethernal league
one lineorc skilled with kick
misplaced on the initial kickoff (sideline)
placed correctly on the 2nd and 3rd Kick off
the game always highlights the thrower in the kick-off screen and doesn't show the double mark for the landing square
Replay link

Also just had the same issue. Kick player was at least twice placed in valid locations and nearest the "centre" spot, but another player (with Wrestle skill, iirc) was always chosen as kicker.

Replay file

You can select the piece to use for kick-off by clicking on it during the kick-off phase.

Yeah, this question comes up at least once a month. It's due to the way the kick is implemented. It's not intuitive, but you can get it to work correctly.

If your player with the kick skill is in a legal kicking position for the first kickoff the game will automatically select that player to kick for that kick and any subsequent kicks where the player is in a legal kicking position.

But if your kicker is ever lined up in a place where they cannot use the kick skill, or on the sidelines for a kickoff, then its more likely that the game will pick a different player by default to do the kickoff for that kick and subsequent kicks. If you see that the non-kick skill template is shown on the screen when you are selecting where to kick, go back and click on your kicker. That will select him to be the kicker, and the kick template should now show the smaller range and the kick should occur appropriately.

Once a kicker has been selected for a kickoff that player will automatically be selected for subsequent kicks (unless of course he gets deselected because of position or being off the field).

Well, that what I was trying to say but Javelin said it better.

For as much as this confused me (and obviously many other), I'm not sure why they don't just implement an algorithm to check if a player with the kick skill is in kicking position prior to each kickoff. The logic obviously exists as it happens on the first kickoff....

It was very confusing at first, yeah.
I had to watch some streamers to get it right.

Perhaps they could change it or make a tutorial.

I stopped taking kick because I'm a dumbass. T1 setup, shortly after kicking it: "Shit! My kicker is in the wide zone. Better remember to change that." Somehow steal the ball and score. T6-8 setup: "Damnit! Forgot to move my kicker again." Three games later, still haven't moved my kicker out of the wide zone, and have confused kick for dirty player at least 4 times.

@JohnnyFeyev Same here. And I also confuse Kick with Tackle.
But Kick is so good, especially with high mobility, I can't stop taking it.
And the fix from LE definitely makes it even better.

@Javelin Thanks. Your situation describes exactly what happened to me. Had the kicker either wide or on LOS for first kickoff, and he never got used after that even though I put him into valid positions.

I had no idea that you could change the kicker during the kickoff. Good to know, thanks. But this could be may way more logical/intuitive within the game.

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