Activating Drone Bug

So i started playing yesterday, and today i finally made it into the second area. As i'm sure i'm meant to do, i went and got my drone companion. Then i got in the elevator, went down, and saw the damaged drone flying in the air. I get a notification saying press 1 to activate drone, which i do, and just get a small message saying "not enough energy". After this i assumed that i had to gain energy, so i went downstairs, killed that rig, then as fast as i could pressed 1. Instead of saying not enough energy, it said "curently not possible", and now it says that every time i try to activate the drone. Would be greatly appreciated if this could be fixed, thanks. Just saying im on PC.

Community Manager

Hi, you need to target an ennemy to use your drone. Also, you're not forced to kill this drone to continue. Have a nice day!

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