Character creation in WtA?
  • Do we know if character creation will be a thing? Will it follow the WoD splat format and how indepth will it go?

  • i REALLY hope we'll be able to customize our character, the further we can customize, the better.

    i'd love to know the answer too

  • Add me to the people who want to create a character of my own. It would certainly enhance and make replays more enjoyable if I can make different characters, like in for example VtM: Bloodlines, from differetn tribes, auspexes etc.

  • Character creation would be awesome. I am one of those people who don't need a lot in character creation (besides really in depth character creators lag my computer when the game itself doesn't), but I do like being able to flick through different styles of hair, and eye color. I could care less if the cheekbones were a little higher, but I know some people are really into that.

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