Character creation in WtA?

Do we know if character creation will be a thing? Will it follow the WoD splat format and how indepth will it go?

i REALLY hope we'll be able to customize our character, the further we can customize, the better.

i'd love to know the answer too

Add me to the people who want to create a character of my own. It would certainly enhance and make replays more enjoyable if I can make different characters, like in for example VtM: Bloodlines, from differetn tribes, auspexes etc.

Character creation would be awesome. I am one of those people who don't need a lot in character creation (besides really in depth character creators lag my computer when the game itself doesn't), but I do like being able to flick through different styles of hair, and eye color. I could care less if the cheekbones were a little higher, but I know some people are really into that.

I would also like to see a way to do character creation in this game as well.

Aw balls.. I was hoping there'd at least be something like VtM: Bloodlines or Tyranny. Ah well, better story is always good..

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