[PC] Unable to login after quitting the game within a Local Friendly

So I found a case where I borked my login and had to delete my local user data in order to log back in. I ran into it a couple times and saw a pattern where I quit the game as I was in a local friendly testing the Juggernaut Wrestle blitz issue I posted earlier. I was able to reproduce it a third time with these steps.

Repro Steps.
First have a client logged in and set to login automatically.

  1. Start a local friendly against yourself with no AI.
  2. Do a quick match and get into the game.
  3. After you select the result of the coin toss press Escape and click quit game and confirm that you want to Quit.
  4. Wait 10 minutes. I found that if I did not wait, login would take a long time but would eventually succeed sometimes. I didn't really experiment with what the shortest time would be needed, but this will trigger the bug.
  5. Start the game and hit enter to autologin.

Expected Behavior:
Client logs in after hitting enter.

Actual Behavior:
Client times out and prints "Internal server error."

The workaround is to delete the user data in the Documents Folder and turn off Steam cloud so that you don't redownload the userdata again. This will bring up the login screen which will work if you use it to login.

EDIT: I have found some inconsistency with it. Sometimes it will work on the second try, but the initial times I had it, it would refuse to login after multiple attempts.

After a bunch more experimentation, I think it has something to do with steam cloud as I am not able to reproduce it if I turn it off. In fact for some reason Steam cloud keeps turning itself on which may be part of the reason I encountered this bug. It also suggested that perhaps my user data has an impact on this bug, which could make these repro steps irrelevant.

Here's a log of the failed attempt if it helps any.

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