The NIL is looking for new player !

Hello fellow bloodbowlers !

the NIL has taken the opportunity of the Legendary Edition release to propose to you all a new organization!

The NIL is an international League, are all welcome ! We organized the NWC event with other leagues, and we also have a Championship, but we'll talk about all this in another post.
Today, as we have launched our new season and thus are looking for player, we want to talk to you about our new Open Ladder structure in hope that some of you may be interested. If so, please, join us on our Discord channel, or contact us on steam !

The Open

The Open Ladder is, well, a ladder. Nothing fancy here.
In it, you can create as many teams as you want, and ask for matches in our discord channel or in steam. The only limitation is that you need name your team after a country or a city (puns are of course encouraged). In this environment, you can choose to play for fun, to learn to play a new race, or to build your team.
All are welcome, newcomers can find friendly people for advice (and ask for help/teaching friendly game) and seasoned player can play in a private league environnement, without the fear of conceding opponents.

To join us, contact us or you can also ask for a ticket ingame, League Name "New International League" Competition : "NIL open Ladder".

But then, our Open Ladder also try to offers a lot of different events.

Monthly Competition

If you want to participate to very short Cups or Tournaments that won’t take you a lot of time and don’t need you to commit more than a few games in a month, then these events are for you! Each Month, you can register to an event with a brand new team or one of your team from the Ladder (don’t worry, it’ll be sent back to it after).

Sometimes it will be standard playoff, sometimes it will be something a little more peculiar!

Season Events!

Each season, a particular event is proposed, to encourage some race diversity and for players who want a goal in the ladder without competing for the first place. This Season, it’s an elf battle that take place ! And of course, don't miss on the stunties ranking ! All info here !

Achievements Bingo
We also fixed an amount of mini-goal for each player to try to achieve! If you complete some of these, you may get a “Bingo” and win some funky in-game reward for next season. All info in the same page than before !

King of the NIL

The King of the NIL is a fun little event inspired by the King of the Hill format. The principle is quite simple, someone is king, and have to play against pretendants and protect his King Player to stay in his throne.
Team building and boasting skills are required for this event. For more info, here in the thread !

You can enter any of theses event at any time ! If you just want a taste of the NIL, come and play a few games, join a Cup and taunt the King

Breaking news:
Registration open for the upcoming October tournament!

Feel free to join, hop in for a game or two in the open ladder, or just chat with kimo and I to learn more about the league.

We are recruiting any coach, all levels are represented in the the league, ranging from beginner to top level.
Time zones are worldwide, although most coaches are European.

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