Q: Can you comment on the type of Universe we will see?

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In an E3 interview with RPGamer, Julien was quoted saying:

In this universe, werewolves — Garou, as they are called in the lore — are the guardians of nature, "eco terrorists" as Julien jokingly calls them, whose goal it is to preserve nature and protect it from its imminent destruction at the hands of Homids — humans — amongst others.

This sparked a small discussion on your Facebook page with a fan saying you "missed the point", that is "feels like they're changing the metaplot around the triat".

The discussion centered around the fear that W:TA Videogame sounded like a political correct version of the WoD universe.
Another fan said: "I REALLY hope to see the garou in all their rage and politically incorrectness. I mean, they fight for Gaia. They ARE the brutal way of nature."
(Facebook thread link here for reference)

This debate inspired me and I thought it was a valid question to ask, even this early in the process.

Does the developers have any comments about what type of universe we will see in the final product.
I think a lot of fans are interested to know how(if at all) "brutal" the setting and game will feel.

Any thoughts about what ESRB rating you're going for? T, M or something else?

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I think the PC discussion in games is honestly getting out of hand. It's almost like often anything that doesn't fit one groups views is just declared either "PC bull" or "Hate speech". How about we let the developers just work away and save criticism for later. As for Garou being "eco-terrorists" that's the understanding that I got from reading the White Wolf Wiki as well (I'm a Vampire player with very little knowledge on the lore of Werewolf). I think both sides of the discussion jumped the shark a long time ago and now just look for something to be outraged at.

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The thing is that all White Wolf games have many ways they can be played, depending on the focus the Storyteller and the players decide to have for each campaign. A videogame, unless is a big open-world huge thing (which I don't think this game will be), usually only has one main narrative focus, so it's understandable that whatever focus the devleopers choose, some "die hard" fan of other foci of the game will be disappointed. If they center the game around the political balance between the tribes, those who are heavy on the deep Wyrm lore will be disappointed, and vice versa. It will be tough to balance all. But the question is legitimate: what will be the Theme and Mood of the game? Or what Theme and Mood are you considering, among the popular ones among Werewolf?

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Phteven comes with a lot of good questions. I especially hope that, like Phteven, cite a fan for, that the game will not get politically correct. Werewolf has something to heart. That's what makes werewolf more than just entertainment.

Are we going to see corrupt politicians, big money like Pentex and nature protective organizations like GreenKnights?

Will we see deep nature game landscapes and the umbra's marvelous dimension?

Will there be a pack, totem and tribe relationships?

Point is, "Might Makes Right", is an essential theme in WtA. Some Werewolves might be nature-terrorists, true. Others might blame specific groups of people, or maybe people in general. They aren't trying to force Greenpeace down our throats, they are trying to tell a story about individuals that think they have all the answers (and a big storage of rage and fury).

The whole PC-discussion is pretty lame imo. Who cares what they dev's think? Can't you enjoy the game for what it is, no matter the devs political opinion. I mean, I read books from both left/right wing people. Why would it matter?

Vallinen, i think you're missing the point of my post. 🙂

I don't really care about the Devs political views, and I do agree with Socrates that the PC discussion in games is getting out of hand. (PC suits some games, others not. With W:TA, we don't know yet, which is why I ask 🙂 )
Cause let's be honest. A game like this can be made in many forms and as il_Dack writes, the type of rpg you play is often dependent on the Storryteller.

What I am interested in is what type of setting our Storryteller is running. What type of game am I getting hyped about.
Am I looking at a dark dystopian setting. What "gore level" are the devs looking to run with.
Will we see blood splatter, will we see throats ripped open, or will they go more subtle. etc.
This is why I asked about what ESRB rating they're aming for, cause this will tell a lot about what type of game we will be getting.

I can enjoy all kinds of games, but I think it is relevant to know what type of game they're looking to provide. This will also help the fans adjust their hype. 🙂

I brought up the Facebook discussion because the game was portrait a certain way in the media and it sparked the discussion which lead me to ponder 🙂

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I reckon the game is going to be a mature one with gory themes this is World Of Darkness after all, and I don't think any other setting would fit.

As far as I can see, and what I have experienced from the World of Darkness, it should be a horror urban fantasy setting. So all manner of supernatural stuff, but this game will focus on Werewolves and spirits and the creatures that interact most with them, and there may be some extra stuff like vampires, wizards, demons etc. and all done with an eye to horror, so darker and a bit Lovecraftian than most urban fantasy settings.

But this is of course just my experience and I could well be wrong.

The spirit stuff is a focus in WtF but in WtA they share the stage with Fomor, vamps, hunters, other wolves and a host of other supernatural and corporate entities.

While a player may have experienced the world as a Get, another would have been a black fury. While both are ultraviolent perspectives of the struggle, the causes and triggers are different. A child of gaia and bone gnawer might both tackle the same problems, but they do so differently and expect two very different outcomes. An uktena and wendigo may be somewhat similar culturally but they view the WoD through vastly different lenses.

Not to mention their auspice differences.

I think what i am trying to illustrate is that although the questions should be present the answers given should vary and feed into the roleplay. I would like the devs to spend a lot of time on the main quest at least to provide branches of available solutions with differing outcomes.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Werewolves ARE "eco-terrorists" to an extent. The fight, no matter who your ST is or how they run their game, to preserve Gaia and the planet, in some form or another. Just because he used that term does not implicitly imply that they are making the game PC by any means. To make a W:TA game no matter what would include blood and gore because you are playing a Werewolf, you know a giant ball of fur with razor sharp claws and fangs!

I will say this. No real need to worry about the PC crap honestly. Contrary to stereotypes, Garou are not eco terrorists in any way, shape or form.

They aren't about destroying all industry and technology, the aren't even directly opposed to the majority of corporations.

Furthermore, eco terrorists tend to be ignorant and immature individuals that are human. Humans lack the more true understanding to the world than a Garou. Garou aren't human. It would be like assigning the title of "murderer" to a tiger just because it killed a man.

So what kind of universe could we see? One that on the surface might seem clean cut but underneath it's rotting and festering. A universe where you're in a war and you are losing.

The reason for the missed comment is that the devastation isn't caused solely by humanity and placing a major emphasis on that is honestly missing the point. Yes, the apathetic stance humans have in regards to nature is a part, but not the only part.

The eco terrorist thing, of which you can play a garou eco terrorist if you want, is along the lines of the furry captain planet stereotype.

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