2 problems in the space of 1 match

I've just started a match in the Anarchy League, in which I was considerably under-TV'd compared with the other team, with 450+ worth of inducements due to me.

I took a quick look at the other guy's team lineup, then went back to the inducements and it wouldn't let me select any!

It would allow me to scroll through the inducement cards but wouldn't let me select any of them.

When the timer reached zero, the match started but my camera zoom and change camera keys weren't doing anything.

After pausing the game for a while, the camera worked again but now I'm in a match with a team that are almost 500TV higher than me because of the inducements bug.

Win7 Pro 64 (6.1, Build 7601)
i7 "8-processors"
GeForce GTX260 (2 screens) 13/09/2016
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB pro audio interface


Just in case it's possible to get this result deleted from my team's record, my coach name is the same as my username on here, my team is "ShudBFunnyII" and the opponent is KittenKiller with his team "8 Ball". My W-D-L stats were 3-0-0 before this bug made me lose this match. 😑

Edit 2: match finished 3-1 to the opponent.

Incidentally, the "Dice Rolls" tab isn't displaying the correct figures too. It says I have 14 successful Wake-Up After KO and 0 failures, when I failed all 4 of my first set of rolls, 1 of the 4 of my half time rolls, and either 1 or 2 of my third set.
Also, wouldn't it be more relevant if on the dice rolls tab, the armour, injury and casualties received dice were part of the opponent's dice scores rather than in your own dice? If you have an utterly bad game where your opponent injures many of your players and you injure none of theirs, it counts the dice with your own currently, meaning that if the rest of your dice are also bad, the injury ones against you that are being counted for you actually make it look like you've had "fair" dice instead of the absolutely horrendous ones you had in all aspects of the match.

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