Throw Team Mate full movement after thrown with out ball

TTM if you throw the gnoblar with out the ball if he fails the landing he can still get up and move full squares.... just thought you would like to know as this happened last night in a match vs dark elves

kind regards yarrick

I believe it was a Friendly Match? Thing is friendly and multiplayer modes use different DBs, and somehow there're bugs that are present in Friendly, but actually they are fixed.

Trust me, in multiplayer the 3MA penalty is properly inflicted.

not in this match this was Match making multi player if you watch the replay i haves 5 squares after hitting the ball carrier. i prob should have pointed that out

I just played a match where a failed landing after Throw Team-Mate properly applied movement penalty.

Oh, I might have missed the "landed on a player" part at first - need to check that then.

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After checking I can confirm that if a player lands on another player when being thrown with Throw Team-Mate, and if he fails the landing roll after the subsequent scatter, he retains his full movement (-3MA is not applied).

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