Mercenaries with Dirty Player break the game when fouling

AndyDavo streamed a game today wherein he purchased a mercenary beastman and gave him Dirty Player. Every time he fouled with this character, it would show the path of the foul, put the foul icon above the beastman's head, and then... do nothing. The timer would continue to count down, but Andy was not able to do anything. Could not select any other player, or do any other action. Once the timer hit 0, the foul happened, but seemed to auto-resolve as a stun. No dice were displayed in the log to indicate that a foul had happened.

See this video posted on his Twitch stream for an example. This happens in his first match on the stream, and you can see the behavior in question at roughly the 15:40 mark:

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for your message. It's a known issue and we're working on a fix for the next big bug fix update. Have a nice day!

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