Framerate Problems Irrespective of Options/Settings

Hi all,

Thanks for the new forum and for the game and continued updates.

I am enjoying the game and have played for over 100 hours despite the issue I and others are facing.

Here is a detailed explanation of everything I have noted when the issue occurs:

When I'm playing I see great FPS and it works great until certain things happen and then it becomes totally unplayable.

The FPS and frame time are good until lots of enemy's are on-screen and large swarms. It will vary from 60 before the fight to 20ish FPS in the heat of the fight (sometimes lower, like 15)and then when everything is dead it jumps right back up to 60fps.

I have monitored the GPU/CPU while these things happen and the following things are reported during these times:
*GPU utilization goes down and not remaining at 99/100% - to around 60%
*GPU Power Consumption drops off, and the fan speed drops right down to almost idle level.
*The FrameBuffer (fb%) usage drops from 80% to less than 50%
*The CPU Usage does not suddenly Jump up (as if to calculate something during that "wait") - as i would have expected.

The best analogy I can give is 100 people are trying to fit through a half open door, and no one bothers to just fully open the door... that's exactly what it 'feels' like when it happens.

People have said its because of the detail you run, but even setting the resolution scale to an unplayable 1% and setting everything to low in 720p. (it looks like a kaleidoscope) - it still drops to 20odd fps in the same fights. So, I may as well run in the highest detail because the variance in frame rate/time is less apparent (dropping from 40 to 25 is less noticeable than dropping from 200 to 25)

Here are my specs, I have tried both stock and with Overclock and it doesn't alter the low FPS i see but the overclocked setting does improve the fps in general. The problem does not go away even with stock settings (everything auto in bios for example) so it I have fully ruled out the overclock as being the cause of the slowing to a halt.

AMD-FX8320 - (OC @4.5GHz)
16gb Ram (1866mhz)
GTX 960 2gb (CORE: 1550mhz MEM: 8.2Ghz (ddr))
Samsung 850Pro SSD (about 500mb/s read/write - No "RAPID" Mode enabled)
Windows 10 64-bit : fully updated (no betas/test version)

All Pre-Req's installed (Vc++ etc), Updated Drivers (video, chipset, usb, audio, phyx, directx libs etc etc)

If you require any more info or for me to test things for you, or if you want to borrow my PC to test on! Let me know, anything I can do to help 🙂

Eagerly awaiting your response,


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Same here, except the HW is stronger so the drops are not as bad.
i7 3770K @ 4.2GHz
Asus Z77 mobo
2x8GB DDR3 HyperX Savage @ XMP1
GTX 970 @ 1340/3700MHz
Game and Win10Pro x64 on Kingston V300 SSD

Settings mostly High (except shadows and post-processing) and in coop it drops to 30-35-40fps depending on number of enemies spawning / fighting.
When everything set to Maximum, lowest fps was 19 that I've seen.
At that setting, the inventory screen drops to 45-50fps when accessed from the lobby (not during mission).

hah hello lol
New video recorded. Will post later.
pardon the voice in it I'm suffering from the flu but the fps drops are all there, the counter is bright green this time, and using a better mic now.

Devs you really need to be ONLY working on this horde problem until its fixed because its absolutely game breaking!

And all the posts and comments about it are ignored?

Can you please converse with your player base and help us understand what is causing it, or what you are doing to try to fix it.
Because at the moment it seems like to the team its a non-issue? Its almost like the issue is being ignored? there are never any responses to this issue no matter how many people post about it on the steam forums etc.

Do you acknowledge you have performance issues with the game, or do you class it as " working as intended"?



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If the wont we'll show them... and everyone else who listens...
Youtube Video
older video but still seems to be doing... the...exact...same...thing...

Which leads to this for the customer... newer video currant version of the game.
Youtube Video

need any more publishers or devs? I wonder how GW thinks of this tarnishing of they're brand?

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@uk_spawn said in Framerate Problems Irrespective of Options/Settings:

Do you acknowledge you have performance issues with the game, or do you class it as " working as intended"?

If any of you still encounter performance issues, it's clearly not "working as intended".

The main priority of the optimization update a few months ago was to fix the most alarming issues. Crashes and very low performances (<10FPS) were the priority.

But fixing technical issues and improving the performances is not finished and we're sorry to see some of you having trouble running Space Hulk: Deathwing. There will be a new optimization update in the coming months. It's planned in the development process of the Enhanced Edition.

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Thanks for putting my mind at rest, Netheos

Lets allow them to work guys/gals and not keep spamming everywhere. We have been given indication that there is something being done and the issue acknowledged.



Just wanted to add a pic showing the issue on the hardware (running update 7)

I tried MAX and LOW* settings and even though the FPS is terribly low the system remains idle, even on *lowest detail and 50% resolution scale in 720p! (red box)

The red circle is a small fight and the green arrows are larger waves.


I am glad that this problem is being addressed. I just wanted to come and say that I played the game for the first time today and experienced tremendous lag in single player when swarmed by genestealer hordes. Framerate just plummeted.

I have too very low FPS in battles, even with GTX 1080, i76700k and 16Go Ram on "only" 1080x1920 resolution 😞

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