"fireball + ball scatter in the crowd" bug

Just look at the replay - on turn 3 I had movement of gutter runner and thrower rat reduced (other players were fine) - like 5 or 6, so I cannot regroup on right side and stall, so I decided to make TD, and it wasnt done. So he just threw gutter off the field.
I can provide all DxDiag and stuff, but I think replay is enough. Just look at it.
[0_1505304059876_Coach-62114-ae178ee07337faf7d7f92e5fb68da6da_2017-09-13_10_19_00.bbrz](Uploading 100%

PS. Bring my bull to life! 🙂

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Just in case uploading 100% (whatever this means) is also not working - here is link to replay - https://ufile.io/h71ef

Can someone tell me what happened?

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Hi, what kind of game was it? friendly? multiplayer? which league and competition? On PC?

I just checked your replay and there is indeed a big issue with your TD turn 4. I sent the replay to our QA team. They'll investigate the issue. Thanks!

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"Hi, what kind of game was it" - multiplayer, anarchy cabalvision league. PC.
And as I told you both rats had less move that turn. Thats why I had to do TD.
If you need any other info - tell me.

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Thanks, I've found a major bug with the combo "fireball + ball scatter in the crowd".
I've reported it to the dev team.

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