Kick-off + blitz issue

I'm not sure if this is related to the issues with the kick skill that have been reported, but I got screwed in a playoff game:
My player with the kick skill aimed the kick at an opposing player, at which point the blue "ball cursor" appeared under that player and I got a countdown telling me to select where I wanted to kick (as if that's not what I had just done). I had no ability to do anything at that point. The kickoff event was a blitz, but I didn’t get to blitz, my opponent was immediately on the clock, and I believe the kick went outside the area I had aimed.
I believe when I aimed at the opposing player, the game somehow interpreted that I was selecting that player to kick, even though he wasn't on my team and basically surrendered the control I should have had.... If that makes sense.

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Focus Team

Hello, do you play with a mouse or with a controller?
If with a mouse, BB1 or BB2 control?

This was on PS4. But yes, I play with a controller on all platforms.

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