Plans for post release?


I'm as happy as the next guy to see Spintires revived, but for me everything hinges on how you intend to maintain this game.

I think the game is already good, and to be honest I don't think the Mudrunner release features are enough to warrant the price of an entire game. Challenges and new map is neat enough, but that's the sort of thing I would expect in a patch, or possibly a small DLC. Anyway, I understand that you are a new publisher that needs to make money from this revival, but from a customer point of view it makes less sense.

What I'm interested in is your plans for the future of the game. Features and content that you are planning to implement or are actively working on. Things that would make a Mudrunner upgrade make more sense. Is this something you're going to be talking about? Perhaps prior to release?

The game has a lot of potential, and judging by your track record as a publisher I'm hopeful, but so far challenges seem like the only significant difference, which - while neat - is not really enough. I'm assuming there is more to come.


I don't know. I'm pretty happy with the price just for the MP saves. Do I want to see more? Absolutely. But that's certainly a good start, considering we've been asking for it for .. years....

Yeah... come on!! lets support this guys so the game can be revitalized. Oovee spent over a year without even care about saying that the last post they published about an update would not come at all... This guys have a good history so far, and they are doing well talking to the community.
I also want to get more info, but at this point, I think they will not commit saying anything.

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for your message. I'll quote our FAQ about this:

We at Focus Home Interactive have always supported our games, during and after release. We strongly believe in Spintires: MudRunner, and our objective is to produce a great game, which we intend to continue supporting with updates to enrich the game's experience even after release. We always pay great attention to community feedback, and both we and Saber will make sure that MudRunner receives attention and improvements after Day One.

Obviously the current focus is on releasing the best possible game Day 1, but as you can see on this forum, we're used to discuss everyday with our players and update the game with new content based on community feedback.

Given the history of Spintires, it's perfectly understandable to be wary about Spintires: MudRunner. We're fine if you prefer to wait a few months after release to see how it's going.

Have a nice day!

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@netheos Thankyou for the reply, you're doing a good job at community manager. My friends and I are ready to preorder, but we are concerned about things like this too. We are already very happy that transparent tanks is going to be an option we can toggle off. We loved the original Spintires, and really look forward to new maps, and updates to things the community requests. Please pass this on to the devs, to take feedback seriously, I know there's alot of complaining with games, try to ignore those people and stay positive!
See you in the mud.

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