Saving Setup/Pause bug [Minor] and Blitz Bug [Normal/Severe]

Pause bug: If you already have a defensive setup and overwrite an existing setup while in a multiplayer game, this will pause the game when you try to confirm overwriting it. This has only been tested in multiplayer, but is recreatable between different coaches.

Blitz Bug: I haven't tested this extensively, but it has happened to me once or twice, and I think it might be a bug. Currently, if you Blitz > Leap (failed) > Reroll > (Leap success), your blitz wears off, and you no longer have a blitz action for that turn. I think this happens with any Blitz interrupted by a reroll at the moment, but I'm not sure. Further testing needed.

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for your report. We'll take a close look at the first one.

The second one reminds me other posts. I think it might not be a bug, but other coaches should be able to tell you more about it.

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