Upgrade Mercenary Bug (PC)

Bug reported on PC version in a Vs Computer match

I recruited a Underworld Denizen Blitzer mercenary before the match. The game purposed to me to upgrade him lvl 2 for 50 gold, that i accepted.
But when this blitzer is going to fight a player during the match, the game is bugging:

-sometimes i can choose plating dices but i Can't finish the action of fight

-sometimes i can't even choose the dices

Then my players are freezed, i can select them but i can't do anything (moving, choosing any action) and the clock is freezed too creating an unfinishing turn. I can however open the pause menu, to quit the game.

Community Manager

Hi, it's a known and will be fixed in the next big bug fix update, early October. Thanks for your report. Have a nice day!

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