For me, binding keys is ruining this great game.

For me, binding keys is ruining this great game.
Example, I have "T" bound to Psygate. When I create binds, some have white letters, others have blue letters. This is a blue "T".
I push "T" in game, nothing happens. Is this a horrible glitch?
I have reset bindings, deleted the config directory, turned off cloud saves, nothing helps.

I now switched back to the default settings. Several bindings do nut work including "" Psygate.

What I am trying to do is map my Xbox 360 gamepad using keyboard bindings from Xpadder since you do not offer custom gamepad binding.

I have nothing in this directory as I have never crashed. C:\Users\CURRENTUSER\AppData\Local\SpaceHulkGame\Saved\Logs

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Hi, thanks for your message.

The blue/white letters are to improve readability in the UI.

The psygate changed in a recent update. You can use it at will only in the campaign. It's open automatically at various checkpoints in multiplayer and in singleplayer special mission.

In which mode are you playing?

Thanks for the reply. This is truly a great game.
I am in a SP campaign with the bots. I have been in the Psygate once but can't figure out how I did it. My save only has 1 bot. I assume I lost my medic as I can no longer heal myself. I assume I can get my medic back through the Psygate?
BTW I played the original 1993 space hulk game. It was one of the first "3D" games following Wolfenstein 3D. Back then it was cutting edge LOL.

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