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I personally feel there should be at least a female option on the insurgents side. For variety and to give the option to those that want it at the least. Is it a pressing issue that needs to be sorted out ASAP? I don't think so. But considering how much of a focus the long-term player progression has on entirley cosmetic unlockables- which aside from perhaps...camo...have little to no gameplay advantage....It makes sense to provide as many possible options to incentivize as many potential players out there. The arguments against it from a "realism" standpoint, are shakey at best given the games focus as a round-based, squad-centric game first, and a "realistic depiction" of modern combat second. I personally haven't seen or heard any criticism or 'drama' about the games current female playermodels, beyond this forum and if the past entries in the series are anything to go by - modders and sever admins will have plenty of options to tailor the game for their specific vision of what it should be.

To that end I think the base game having:

  • 3-5 security female models and voices

  • 1-2 insurgent female models and voices

  • and 8-10 male options on both sides.

Would be a solid foundation for others to build off of or narrow down as they see fit - with mods and server plugins down the line. And would be the most bipartisan approach to an otherwise highly debatable issue.

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More options character customization-wise, always add welcome depth and motivations to keep playing in my opinon. However, as much as I agree for more variety in the character models - there are other issues that need more immediate attention in my opinon. I'd be happy to see this as a long-term pre, or even post-release goal though.

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@delta555777 You should probably make it clear that Snappy Driver Installer Origin is the version people should be considering. The lisence for Snappy has changed hands several times now and there are multiple versions that are plauged with malware. Snappy can also break a lot of things if used the wrong way - so while I've certainly found it helpful - it shouldn't be recommended as a straight forward generic 'fix' for Sandstorm preformance issues.

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@maa_bunny said in G3 reload animation.:

I just don't think the geometry between the release paddle, trigger guard, and magazine allow it to be possible. But, I don't own a G3, so I can only make a guess based on past experience.

Yep I'd have to agree. Unless the user has particularly long enough fingers to press the magzine release button while swiping out the empty mag (and most people don't, that button is genearlly considered unreachable unless you're a giant or have tentacles for fingers)

alt text

The current in-game animation is at best highly impractical - at worst - only acheivable by allowing the new mag to clip straight through the trigger guard.

Either way I agree - the fast reload animation needs a rework to bring it back into the realm of possibility.

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@zucchini Don't own a G3 pattern rifle myself - but to my understanding it's not exactly the same as an AK at all. The AK variants have a locking lug on the front of the magazine that acts as a pivot - not a hinge - for the magazine to rock back into place, with very little actual magwell at all to support the magazine:

alt text

HK's design however has a much deeper magwell - but it's angled - so the front surface is much shorter than the rear. This means that while the magazine can be inserted directly upwards - at a slight angle - it's easier, to rock it into place, pivoting on the shorter and higher front wall of the well:

alt text

If anything - the AK system is a "pure" pivot design. The M4/AR15/M16 is a "pure" vertical insert design - and the HK is something of a hybrid of the both - a more aggresivley slanted - straight-insert that can be rocked for more leverage.

As you can see in this other video over at MAC, and in-fact, in several other G3 videos by Polnar - the magzine can be inserted freely directly upwards:
In fact in most of their "speed reloads" Polenar's presenter clearly shows this:
Every time they dump a magazine and tug it straight out - rather than rocking it. As to why they always leverage it on an insert? Most likely a technique to ensure the magazine is seated and clear any possible fouling. bonus link of Jerry doing his usual insanity and again - dropping the magazine straight out of the well.

Can the 'speed reload' animation in sandstorm actually be done? With a worn enough mag / receiver. Probably. Would any trained soldier be likely to do it that way? Possibly? I'm not one so I can't say. But the mechanics of the rifle don't completey prohibit it. People seem to be missing that the mag in the animation doesn't drop free. It's swiped out with the fresh magazine, AK style. If it works with the pivoted AK mags/well, it probably has a chance to with the G3.

EDIT: As clarified by @zucchini and @maa_bunny the trigger guard simply wouldn't allow the same technique as the kalashinov family without modification (or clipping). The whole fast-reload animation needs to be re-thought, my bad.

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Agree with nearly every point mentioned thus far - the issues with hit detection and micro-freezes / optimization (25% gpu usage and 45% cpu at 40-70fps but 99% vram NWI? Really?) are whats underminding most of my experiences in Sandstorm these days. Hopefully the next patch will be a direct address for this problems, but it is a little disappointing that it's taking this long to to acheive basic parity with most other UE4 titles. If nothing else, at least they have the extra time they seem to need until release now.

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Not going to mention specific models or families, but I will say I was hoping the shift to UE4 would bring an expanded library of guns in general. INS2 was in it's prime once the theater mods added in a large library of modded guns without having to sacrifice the original arsenal. Doubtless Sandstorm will have similar mods someday, but I'd really appreciate if the per-match progression of the supply system was reinforced with a wider variety of options to choose from as you collect points. Some of my favorite moments in Source and 2 were picking off enemies with weapons that were poorly suited to the role I was pressed into using them at the time, and a deeper pool of varied weapons can only increase the frequency of that.

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The FAL in particular is very disappointing in it's current audio design. While the handling effects sound authentic and accurate, the firing sounds are...closer to a pistol caliber carbine, than anything else. INS2 also had this issue though at least there the timbre of the effects was fitting.

I really hope the FAL in particular gets a rework at some point, but I have issues with the general soundscape currently. Especially the firing effects of the technicals, which often sounds like its behind you when they're infront of your character.

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@rafael Agreed. My main concerns are the 21:9 support, general lack of FOV options compared to Ins2 and issues with hit detection, particularly on co-op servers. Hopefully the extra months are used to address all of these, I'm glad they've at least given themselves a little more breathing room.

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Now that the full release has been delayed till Dec 12, I have hope that this - and other less immediately obvious issues will get the time and attention they need to be resolved. I'm cautiously optimistic that this is reason the release has been rescheduled and look forward to any improvements we may see on this hit detection issue.

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