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I'm super excited about this game.

Looks awesome. Nice attention to detail. And the brrrrt is epic (unless you are on the receiving end)

But one thing confuses me - why is the movement speed so fast in what is supposed to be a tactical shooter?

The movement jog and run speeds & animations seem really sped up. Jogging looks sped up to be like a normal persons sprint speed, and sprinting, well that looks at or beyond olympic athlete standards.

Is the footage floating around of the pre-release game accurate in showing that?

That makes it a twitch shooter where rushing is the key to win. Where firefights end up at 2m away from each other in a twitchy chickendance circling each other and trying to hit the other.

Positioning, team work, coordinated movement and comms should be the order of the day in a tactical shooter.

Or maybe that is no longer the goal and its just another adrenaline pumper.

Be interesting to hear if that speeding everything up is the key for it to be competitive or if there's another reason?

Because that speed makes it seem a lot like many of the other generic fast paced shooters out there . Which i thought insurgency existed as an alternative to.

anyway, still looking forward to release (i bought the first insurgency right at the begining and no doubt will do the same here).

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