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I normally flatten the area a bit then rebuild the terrain and it normally fixes it.

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If you have 3ds you can download a .X plugin that will export it as a .X

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I like that root idea. I was actually just thinking about different obstacles. Might have to work on some roots and stuff for new paths.

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Focus home added mods for farming simulator, they can add mods for mud runner easily.
They don't want to and most people who play it on console has already lost interest. I uninstalled it after like 3 or 4 hours and just play it on my pc now. A lot of my friends have xbox and a lot of them would play if it had user created mods for the game.

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Bought MudRunner for Console and was bored in like 2 hours. Without mods the console version is pointless. The game is dead on console and was within the week it released.

I like playing mods on PC, but the base game it's self is boring. I would say atleast 90% or more of the people who play this game play for mods. We want custom maps and vehicles and want to just wheel with friends. So unless MudRunner 2 is x64 with larger parties it will be pointless and I won't waste my money on a second MudRunner. I bought it on my Xbox and wish I never wasted my $30 on that. I had a feeling Focus would end up dropping mods from their list of things to add to console.

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@forces I was letting the original poster know what a good ran and which one I had. I have the MSI GL62M right now and I built a custom desktop. Probably getting the GT83VR or GT83 next year.

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@1967deuce Microsoft doesn't have an issue with mods or editors. It's the developers not wanting to due the extra work. It's also Sony. Sony not only cut out their early access games completely they are VERY strict on their content allowed.
Microsoft is much more lenient. Being Xbox One's and One X's run Hyper-V and Windows 10, it's not an issue getting things on Xbox. Sony is the biggest issue. Since the game is on both platforms they don't want to do the extra work and they don't want to exclude one console because it would cause an uproar.

I've been approved with Microsoft for game development to publish a game on the Xbox and it's not that hard to get content from the PC to Xbox. After seeing the hoops for Sony I just decided to not pursue PS4.

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If you want a gaming laptop the MSI with the 1050Ti is a very good laptop to run games.
It has overclocking and fans that can be cranked up to keep everything cool.
I use it for map making, model building, game play and runs everything over 60+fps on the highest settings.
I got my laptop for under $700 new.

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This Patrol is sick. Been having a blast with it testing my maps.

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