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If you want a gaming laptop the MSI with the 1050Ti is a very good laptop to run games.
It has overclocking and fans that can be cranked up to keep everything cool.
I use it for map making, model building, game play and runs everything over 60+fps on the highest settings.
I got my laptop for under $700 new.

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This Patrol is sick. Been having a blast with it testing my maps.

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If you need help texturing or with UV's let me know.
I use Substance Painter for my texturing and it's by far the best program i've bought for texturing.

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I have created multiple terrains for Spintires and Mudrunner and they all come out fine. But for some reason snow in this game always comes out just plain bright white.
I've fought with it and fought with it.

I even created ice for like frozen ponds that worked perfectly fine. But snow ground textures just are bright white.
I'm think the engine has a problem with bright white textures.

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The game on console was fun for about 2 hours. Then literally just hauling logs in over sized Russian vehicles became extremely boring.

The ONLY reason the PC game is still somewhat around is the mods. I do enjoy some mods on PC and when people are actually online I enjoy playing. But we only play mods on custom maps and never once touch a log.

Console version is dead. I even tried to play a few days ago and not one single lobby was available. I started a lobby and waited about 10 mins and not one single person joined.
Without mods the console version will be dead and wasn't worth over $10.

I told myself I wouldn't buy the game for console since I already had it on PC, but I went ahead and bought it anyways and until mods are released I will regret buying it for console. If mods don't come soon i'll most likely end up uninstalling it because it's just wasting space on my One X now.

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@digital-x Looks good!
The catapult bases look like they could be relaxed in the UV map to straighten them out a hair.
The side walls top and front could be unwrapped by themselves and flattened out so they are not squished.
The ball, I would try to make a seam around the straightest line and try to pelt map it to see if that would pull it out evenly so you don't get the spiral going to the center.
Pretty cool getting moving objects to interact.

The arms on the skittles could be unwrapped separately too, so they can be flattened.

Just some pointers for the unwrap and texturing.
Let me know if you have any questions on the unwrap.
Hopefully I can do a video tonight when I get home and see if I can touch more on unwrapping.

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I haven't done modeling in sketchup in years. But you need a DirectX exporter plugin for sketchup. I'm pretty sure they have one.
You will also need to see about creating a cdt in sketchup of your model.
I can look it up in a little while and see how it's done in sketchup. I've only done models in 3DS max so i'm not familiar with the work flow of other programs.

But you just need to export your model and cdt as a .X file (DirectX) and in another recent thread I talk about how to get the model in your editor and game.

Look for the thread "Using your own textures" I think it's what it's called. I think digital-x started the thread.

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yeah i've been slammed the past few days. Every time i try to get around to doing a quick unwrap tut something comes up.

You want to apply a unwrap UVW
0_1517514875927_Unwrap UVW.png

The green line is your seam mark.
This is where the UV will split.

I'm going to post a series of screenshots that should help out some. I can't make a video yet because i'm not on my personal PC. But these should help.

0_1517515733084_Unwrap UVW.png

With the texture applied it will show your UV is stretched or anything.

If your texture shows like this at all your material you apply will not look right.
You want the blocks and number/letters to look even and squared.