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yep, while most will recognize and consider the GM version as "the deuce" they were not the only company. the International Harvester deuce is another one that comes to mind. now i am sure there will be nit pickers and i do not blame them, i feel the same way about some things myself, but i am just keeping things in general so to say.

something else a lot of people kind of forget, is that back in the day during wartime, many companies built many things from other companies. like how we all know the Willy's Jeep, but yet Ford was one of the bigger companies to make jeeps also. in fact i seem to remember there is a Mitsubishi Jeep (post war?) that was made as well.

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@zamal yes the majority of those truck are pick ups, but there are also some cool old big trucks in there as well.
a few i noticed and thought would be nice...
Bighorn <<<6x6
Power Wagon <<<if memory serves me correct, this came in a 6x6 version also
Deuce <<<6x6

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maybe they have not even been asked?

@zamal yes they have quite of few old trucks. lol just do a quick search. 😉
Old Dodge Trucks

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🤔 ok i am in the right

also there is the situation of not being able to turn our own wheels when a vehicle rolls to a certain angle.

not sure if anyone else has encountered this same thing, but i have been in situations where the angle was enough i could not turn my wheels, but yet the vehicle remained running.

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@sodoma i just realized i have been posting in the wrong thread. lmfao 😆 talk about being blind sheez.....

and thanks for the info as well.

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@sodoma it works when using controller (PC). it is only a problem with key board controls. also it does actually work, but only on the Atypes for KB. the rest of the bigger trucks, nada. now for console? idk since i play on PC and so far no one has taken the time to confirm or deny this problem for console as far as i know, but then again who on console is going to play on key board? so, it looks like it has not been removed. if it has been changed then why does it still work on the Atypes and for controller? i do not know if force accel works with a wheel, so someone else will have to comment about that. however i reported this the day Mudrunner released and since have been told many times this was to be looked at with no reply after, either way every time thus far. however with MR2 soon to come i see no reason for this to be looked at or fixed. also i have been the only person to push this subject. maybe it is just me? so far i seem to be the only person i can find that uses the controls in the game the way i do. most seem to play with a wheel or controller. key board users i have seen or come across do not use force accel the way i do, if they even use it at all. this point i fail to see bothering with this "bug" now. i can only hope that if force accel makes it to MR2 that this will be corrected. guess i will just have to wait and see. 😐

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🤔 i would just like to have working brakes when using force accel.

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@sodoma even more of a pain since we can no longer steer rolled or towed vehicles. was nice to be able to turn a trucks wheels into the ground to help it bite when rolling back onto it's wheels.

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@tattoo right, i have never seen a watch either, but obviously it is there in the image. 🤔

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