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@rlcn-cargamer and switch the tape setting to METAL!!!! 🤣

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@forces said in Force19Mods:

IM STILL ALIVE with a crack on my collar bone tho 😞
long story short i had a car crash two weeks ago, driver broke his right Femur with the wheel and I (Passenger Using safe belt) had chest compression and my collar bone on the right side has a crack but isnt broke so the doctor says im fine but i shouldn't move too much to avoid issues

3 cars were involved one hit our trunk wich sent us to the oncoming trafic and the 3rd car roll over after he hit us, no casualties al involved are fine

Yota is done and looks kiss sound gorgoeus
pics soon
next project Land Rover D90 and Project Venom v10

I hope smar puts the pics of the Yota soon if not go cehck them in my personal instagram gercar3

😲 wow, might want to go get a lottery ticket. 😉 good to know everyone is alright.

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@kingnightshadow said in Advice to unstuck:

@rufus oh. I asked cus of the way if looked. I like maps with a dangerous cliff side drive

search on steam workshop for some of those "la luna" maps, they have cliff side roads. also might want to check out the "Moments in the Mud" (Off Topic section page 3 i think) thread. a few map links in there as well you might enjoy.

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@spun right, guess i should clarify myself. i think it is that the front fenders are stock with the rear having that "squared cut" look is what seems off to me. now with both front and rear being cut like in the pic posted then yes, it looks "right" if you will.

as i always say though, i do not build stuff and you fellas know what you are doing. so just keep doing what you fellas do. 👍🏽

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@spun said in Spun:

Axle truss front and rear, 4 link and ram added.

as you know this is only my opinion. i am digging the overall look, but something about that "rear fender trimming" just imo. that straight angled cut out just does not look "right". idk, puts the thought of "hack job" to mind. 🤔

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cool if you are willing to give it a go. my thoughts were just doing something a bit different than the usual norm for obstacles.

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@digital-x not to make more work for you, but what about 2-3 types of stumps/roots to use as obstacles maybe? we have rocks and logs, so the idea in my head is stumps and roots. add one or two here and there in rough sections mixed in with the rocks and logs. seems like a small idea to me, but i feel it might just be worth it to have another type of obstacle to use for map making. think of them like this. stumps just off the side of the trail to winch to, but also having he roots as the obstacle to climb up/over. it would be the same as making rocks, but only a stump with root section instead. idk, it could also be way more work and trouble than it is worth too. 🤔

not exactly what i was thinking, but for ideas.....
alt text

alt text

alt text

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@alpscruiser @RoughRider i have posted logging and trails in the other thread. it does seem a bit heavy towards logging, but anything goes. lol i like pics, so maybe tonight i can get some seat time and get a few new pics to post here as well. 🤔

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maybe one of the moderator will be nice enough to combine the 2 threads? if people want them combined that is, idk.

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@spun exactly, use what works best for you. i just thought it is funny how the best view to work with kinda "tweaks" the perspective a bit. lol

all good though and damn that thing is looking sweet.

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