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would not be the first time this has been asked about. people have asked for this since the original game.

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@architectwilliam ? who is complaining? never realized that asking a question was a complaint. my mistake.☹

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@smaronenine i have worked on quite a few of these HHR's. such a headache to wrench on imo. you can keep your daily.😜
seriously though, the model is looking good. 👍

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found this a while back. it is a driving/horror type game and seems interesting. i am curious where this one will go.

Beware: Demo

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i am still wondering why is this not a sticky?

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not sure what it was since it is gone now.

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i am all for giving the community a balance in the game for all platforms, but sadly this is not the case. it is not just as simple as "hey, i want this in the game so do it or i will quit playing your game." now i have asked this many times and have still yet to get someone to answer me, even from the console side of the community. now i ask, just where was it said that consoles were going to get user created mods? all i have never seen this statement and have never had anyone find and show me this either.

let's face it, anything officially released for console will be a dlc not a mod. it will be something the company makes instead of user created mods. i am sure there are some mod builders out there willing to give their creations away to the company for free so they could possibly make money for the company. then there is the fact that some mod creators do not even want their stuff on console. yes believe it or not there are some who feel this way and would never give permission for their stuff to go to console. i will be honest in saying that i really could not see a good enough selling point for this game to go to console, other than so many people asking for it with the original game, but yet here it is on consoles. the thing is most people are little blind to the fact the company really only cares about it's game. not what the community does for themselves with the game. why do you think it is the community that has to fix things when mods break?

i do not think the OP sounds like anything other than they had a slight miss understanding of what they thought they were expecting from the game. i seriously do feel for the console side of things. so many people expected to get so much, only not to get what they were expecting. then again as i said above, console users were expecting more than what they were being told.

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@deadwanderer ok, my mistake. i must have misunderstood or missed that.

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@deadwanderer breakable logs is not the answer imo. if they are able to break, then what will those people do that build bridges and stuff out of "loose" logs?

like i say, one little question can open so many more. lol

@Sodoma for a few i can see using it as a cheat, but really i figure most people are seeing it as they are beating the system. as in they are delivering multiple loads with only one trip. which brings up the phrase "work smarter not harder" lol. i figure most player do play the game the way intended, but there will always be a few. lol personally i like doing things the hard way. beside the bragging rights, there is just something about overcoming a challenge. everyone has their way of playing though so we also need to keep that in mind. now for this game the word "cheat" is very loose really. since it is not a competitive type game, but Co-op. which to me if someone wants to "cheat" at co-op then they are really only cheating themselves imo.

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