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@tattoo said in Force19Mods:

@forces, It may be easier to just make 2 trucks, huh, even tho being able to code that is cool as sin. 🙂 Sorry to have put you on a mission, man. lol

build two versions? where is the challenge in that though? 🤔 lol 😉

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🤔 bit of nit-picking imo, but to each their own. i know i can be quite picky with my own pics, more than others are anyway. i mean if a person was to get real picky over things, someone would probably first point out the trees in the background before anything. draw distance is so low in this game it is almost a crime in my book. lol

getting what i call "desk top quality" with screenies can be tricky with this game sometimes. all we can do is work with what we got and try to get the best pics of course. 😉

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ok, not exactly as "nutty" as you fellas imo, but still got to ask WTF? 🤔 lol
seriously diggin the ideas people can come up with.

Youtube Video

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@spun said in Spun:


🤔 not too shabby for your first time, lol 😻

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@kingnightshadow only has it been a year? MR is just an updated version of the original Spintires. MR2 i would hope will be a whole new version. so if looked at that way the game is already 5 years old. 🤔

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@smaronenine yeah he is a member here @rockrunnergaming i see rock in spuns stream chat sometimes, well when i actually make it myself anyway. lol

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well i figure he is working on an update, but i still do not get why he is not on the forums. (actually i can guess why, but won't) seems that if someone was going to making what is known to be a, if not the most popular mod for the game that a person would also want to be on the more popular sites for the game and mods. making and keeping contact with the community seems like it would be an important move. maybe it is just me though. 🤔

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interesting. it looks a bit different to me for some reason. will admit of course i have not looked back at the other pic till now and yep i am mistaken. lol

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@spun said in Spun:

@brazz989 If you mean this one im not ready to let go yet.


that a new front fender cut i am seeing? 🤔

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