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@fearedfox18 said in Vehicle Presentation: Introducing the B-6A!:

Now that the first tractor was officially released, all thats left is to release a Tractor with a front loader attachment for logs, something better then the crane, and good competition for the K700 but with the log grabber on the front instead of back....something like an official version of the New Holland W170C Mod (titled NH W170C) on the steam workshop

Yeah, great suggestion, but B-6A is the 2nd tractor, K-700 is the 1st.
If you want an alternate slightly larger K-700, check out the truck called STEVORIK on the workshop, it's really great!

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@jvanegas1 said in • 8x8's Suggestions •:

@8x8 cool thanks i found it. have you downloaded vehicles and do you put them in the same folder?

Yeah, yet I have only tried the Peterbilt 281 'Duel' from It even features it's 50s Fruehauf tanker, and looks really awesome!!

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@8x8 thought so but i didn't see drive c and eve thing else after that? do you right click on porting kit and click show package contents?

No. Once the Windows Steam is installed by installing the Spintires: MudRunner wrapper, you right-click show package contents on, and then...

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You forgot the '.' at the end of "We don't plan on having Mac support at release, no".
Just thought I'd point that out...
Edit: "Is there PC Mod support?" isn't bold, instead there's two stars at start of text.

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@jvanegas1 said in • 8x8's Suggestions •:

@8x8 well i watched that video link you put. he used 7zip. what did you use to add the maps to regular spintires? i use that porting kit too. id like to know how to put maps on spintires the original

For opening .7z files I use an app called Smart Unarchiver, and when downloading a map, I just put the .dds and .stg files in here (inside the wrapper app):

Contents/Resources/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Spintires/Media/levels

And if there are more files, I just follow the readme.

Maps I highly suggest you try out:
Road Construction
Abandoned Farm
Autumn Map/Gluhov
Hope you enjoy them!

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@jvanegas1 said in • 8x8's Suggestions •:

@8x8 but you also play this game on mac? did you download 7zip for windows?

Don't know what you mean by that... I use PaulTheTall's Porting Kit on macOS to run Windows games.

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Same here! I'm also running it via Porting Kit. Okay, when nothing from the Windows Steam except for the Library loads, what I did is I subscribed to the mods using the same account I have MudRunner installed, to start Steam (macOS version), and manage (subscribe, un-subscribe) all my workshop mods there. Next time starting Windows Steam via the MudRunner wrapper in Online Mode, it will install all subscribed mods. Hope this helps! 🙂

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