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I'm a MAZ-537 8x8 truck, and I've been playing Spintires since the tech demo.

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@Sodoma said in MudRunner 2 Speculation/Suggestions:

@8x8 As long as we will be in forest on rather speculative roads, I am not sure, if it makes sense to speak about Alaska/Siberia distinctively... What is the difference? 🙂

Yes, you are right...

@deathcoreboy1 said in MudRunner 2 Speculation/Suggestions:

@Sodoma You got a point there. Maybe the assets used for Fuel station, road signs, construction sites and small villages are the main difference. As well as terrain color, vegetation and weather conditions.

Besides, vehicles used and activities performed may be different from one place to another. We'll have to wait and see.

Yeah, that's what I meant. Because, I presume that in MudRunner 2, there will be much more organised towns and also, since there's not only lumber, also more pick-up/drop-off points. And I just think that it would be cool if not only America had snow, but Russia also had it. In short, I just want to be able to simulate this in MudRunner 2. 😌
Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 09.06.41.png (Original [5:51])

alt text (Original)

alt text (Original)

Also, if we've got dynamic snow (e.g. it snows overnight, and then next morning the snow is about 1m high), I'd love it if we would be able to do this. 😛
alt text(Original)

alt text(Original Video)

Besides, when I think of Russia, I think of winter. I think of a small settlement in the middle of nowhere, with only maybe 10 houses and deep, deep snow. I think of an early-mid evening scene, with snow visible in front of the streetlights. I think of something like this.
alt text (Original)

Or that.
alt text (Original)
You just need to image it being later in the day, the streetlights on, and huge trucks going through it.
That's what I picture if I hear "Russia". So I think totally leaving the snow out of Russia is the wrong choice. Now don't get me wrong, I love the fact that there's even gonna be any snow in MudRunner 2, but I just think that I've you've got the snow, why not put it into Russia too, that's all. 🙂

BTW: Sorry for the huge post and all the pictures and links.

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@Unster Same, I love that mod!
In fact, I hope for MudRunner 2 they'll even make an official version of it!
And also, I hope that there will not only be Russia, America, and the snowy Alaska, but also a snowy Russia (maybe call it Siberia).

BTW: Thanks for 52 posts and 2.1K views, guys!! 😃

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@Jayson said in Images and Videos etc:

I'm 16 and I grew up with 2 mechanics my dad and my grandfather and I could call myself a mechanic I guess and I love these games. I agree with the mature people part😂 you can't get a city boy that loves shooters to play this for more than 5 seconds. The sad part is I'm on console and I've had to work for anything I want. So I really can't afford a PC that could run all the games I play. I wish that there could be a game that mixed car mechanic sim,, forza, and mudrunner1/2. That would be the best game in history

For me, it'd be a mix of Spintires (MudRunner),, OMSI 2 and TS! 😛
(and maybe car mechanic sim 😉 )
And I'm sure that because you're on console, you'll be very happy with MudRunner 2. I'm sure it'll have a lot more content to enjoy without having to use mods. 🙂

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@Forces Ah, I see... that's very interesting!
Many thanks for the detailed reply!
Let's just hope that this will somehow be fixable in MudRunner 2 haha 😄
Thanks again! 🙂

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So I've noticed a slight collisions bug with the long log trailer for the C-255 with Lights Add-ons (Certified Mod for MudRunner), (when folded up).
So the first picture is from the original Spintires Kickstarter, and you can see that the beam lies perfectly in the little support frame in the headache rack (if that's what it is).
alt text

But in the C-255 certified mod, the rack seems to have convex collisions now, so you can see it lying just above it.

alt text

I just thought I might point that out. 🙂


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Question: Will MudRunner 2 support more platforms other than PC and consoles, like macOS?
Thanks in advance.

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@zoglet said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The GMC DW950:

@jellyfoosh So you guys are talking to GMC now?

Does that mean we can expect the 1942 CCKW "Jimmy" soon? And the M35? And the M135?

Huh? Huh? Can we? Can we?

Pleeeeeeeeez! 🙂

Yes, I agree!!
(non-military variants, though)

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@300six said in MudRunner 2 Speculation/Suggestions:

working mirrors, dual winches, seeing other players trucks.

i dont know about yall, but i would love for some breakable parts. like getting flat tires, breaking axles, drive shafts.

100% agree with you on all that!

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@justinlynch3 said in PS5/XBOX2?:

I know many here are PC gamers, but I've seen a few console players around. For my fellow console guys what do you think of Next Gen so far? The info Sony themselves put out was pretty interesting, not only did they confirm that PS5 won't be running on weaker hardware then X2, but the biggest reveal I think is when they said PS5 won't have a HDD, instead it'll have a customized SSD.

They used the game Spiderman as a example, on a normal PS4 load times took around 14 or 15 seconds or so, and running on SSD they said the same load times dropped to 0.8 seconds.

Sony also seemed to make a point that PS5 will till have a Blu-Ray drive, makes sense as Sony likes to keep consoles fairly traditional.

alt text

I'm on PC, but I do agree with you that Focus should support more consoles.