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I'm an 8x8 Truck!
Avatar inspired by the amazing Voto.1979's amazing 8x8 truck for the original Spintires. :)
It was may favourite.

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Having CAT trucks is really nice and all, but what I would really like to see is trucks with Caterpillars. You know, tracked vehicles. Anyone else?

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@alpscruiser said in Community Update 13/03/19:

How about an update right bevore easter?
Lay some promising eggs in the wildernis of MudRunner with previews of the upcoming DLC or maybe also MR2.

Yes please, that's a great idea!

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Yes... and macOS support.

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These are all amazing suggestions!
Thanks so much for sharing them!

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@jayson said in MudRunner 2 Speculation/Suggestions:

I think we need no invisible/black multiplayer trucks, see others headlights, and hear others trucks

Hi, thanks for using my thread!
Exactly, you've literally just summarised what I've wanted to see in Spintires for years.
And they also shouldn't have these weird shadows beneath them. And the players' names should be disablable (if that's a word).

Edit: They shouldn't have these weird black shadows beneath them! My bad!

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I created this thread for all of you, including myself to speculate on what features MudRunner 2 will have, and what the game will be, and to leave suggestions for the developers, what they should add to the game.
Let the posts begin!

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@thedeestroyer said in News...:

So the event is over. Do we really have to look for details about the game ,from other sources, or just wait a few weeks until we get something?

Just imagine a piñata full of mud and MudRunner 2 news, flying towards us, and it's about to hit any day.

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@fabio-brasil said in Imagens e vídeos etc:

0_1555119602112_20190412_223946.jpg 0_1555119611919_20190412_223056.jpg 0_1555119620529_20190412_222941.jpg 🧐🤔😉😉😄😁

two new vehicles found but very low resolution

We can see better here.

For this, you deserve this nickname:
•  The Eagle Eye of Offroad Simulation Forums
Enjoy it. 😉

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