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@zamal said in Community Update 13/03/19:

@lombra 100% russian trucks are soul of franchise without them its not gonna work

Yes, and Ukrainian ones (KraZ). 🙂
Let's just hope Focus have the same opinion...

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@epstetique said in Community Update 13/03/19:

@jayson Yes.Well...Maybe not all of them but it would be really cool if I could customize my KraZ or UraL etc. 🙂

I agree! 😃
Why not all, though? You can never have too much trucks. 🙂
In my opinion, anyway. 😉

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@fabio-brasil said in Imagens e vídeos etc:

0_1555119602112_20190412_223946.jpg 0_1555119611919_20190412_223056.jpg 0_1555119620529_20190412_222941.jpg 🧐🤔😉😉😄😁

two new vehicles found but very low resolution

We can see better here.

For this, you deserve this nickname:
•  The Eagle Eye of Offroad Simulation Forums
Enjoy it. 😉

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@lombra said in Community Update 13/03/19:

Customisation and new cargo type missions? Ok, I'm intrigued. Nice looking HUD, too. The old, weird 3D HUD was awful.

I hope there will still be Russian trucks, though.

@epstetique said in Community Update 13/03/19:

@lombra Same here with the Russian trucks 😉

I agree! 😃
I also hope the cabs have been... overhauled. 🙂
Not saying the old ones are bad, though. Just a bit... lacking. 😉

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@deathcoreboy1 said in Imagens e vídeos etc:

I quote: "We were shown the different jobs you can take on as you help people out and fulfill contracts" (...) " snow-covered terrain, and icy patches" (...) "We saw hidden vehicles you can rescue from being stuck somewhere and can use later for
special jobs"

Yes!!! yes!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly heck!!!!!! this set my hype to the roof!!!!!!

Yes, it does sound very promising!!
Just imagine... rivers getting frozen, and CRACKING under the weight of the trucks!! Like for example, a UAZ would be able to pass without any issue, but the MAZ-535 wouldn't, and the KraZ-255 would too, if taken slowly and not loaded with logs! And maybe with some snow clearing vehicles too, that their plow actually clears the snow, we could do the whole thing with multiplayer, that one player clears the snow, and maybe they'll also add blizzards!! I know I'm getting out of hand here, but OML that is some HYPEY stuff! 😃

@jayson said in Imagens e vídeos etc:

Game is going to be amazing I don't care if it's a hundred bucks I'm still going to buy it

Lol, at first I read "I don't care if it's a hundred trucks I'm still going to buy it"
Hehehe 😄

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@jayson said in MudRunner 2 Speculation/Suggestions:

I think we need no invisible/black multiplayer trucks, see others headlights, and hear others trucks

Hi, thanks for using my thread!
Exactly, you've literally just summarised what I've wanted to see in Spintires for years.
And they also shouldn't have these weird shadows beneath them. And the players' names should be disablable (if that's a word).

Edit: They shouldn't have these weird black shadows beneath them! My bad!

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Right, there should be a yellow skin for the E-7310, and a crane. For the first picture, I'd say that if they'd do that, they'd include it in Spintires: MudRunner USA (maybe with a South American Yungas Road-esque map). And I'd really like if they'd include/add this truck:
alt text
See this link: MZKT-74135

Thanks for reading!

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My username is also, quite quite simple.
"8x8" means 8 Wheel Drive, it's 8 wheels, and all 8 are powered.
And the profile pic is a little something I drew myself in Aseprite based on voto.1979's 8x8 truck. 🙂

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@jayson I have no idea. I don't know if there's like one large team working on SpinTires: MudRunner USA DLC, and like a smaller team working on other DLC, like The Valley and the upcoming The Ridge. Could be that, or something completely different.

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I'm really looking forward to D-538, B-6A the map and the new gamemode!

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@daydayup said in Vehicle Presentation: Introducing the B-6A!:


Wake up! The DLC's right around the corner now!!

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@sodoma Or, imagine a version of the 1971 movie Duel, that's set in the giant Russian forests, where the tunnel scene is replaced by a scene at night, when the car (ZAZ-968M), is stuck in the mud, maybe 10m away from road, and the truck (K-700 equipped with Loader), springs to life, lights go on, it revs and revs, and he's so stuck that he barely manages to get his car out, and the trucks closing in on him, and then he actually manages to get onto the tarmac and then, the car's engine stalls! He tries to jumpstart it again and again, meanwhile the truck turns around, and reverses, he just can't get it to start, and the truck's massive claw nears him and gets lined up, and just before the claw could slam shut on him, he manages to start the engine, and escapes the truck's grasps by half an inch! And the chase begins again while the sun's rising! 😂 (you could do that in MudRunner if you could turn the HUD off, with altered multiplayer (without the highlighted shadow beneath other player, without the names floating above players and with light-synchronisation) and cinematic cameras)
If it was a thing, would you watch it? I would!

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@jvanegas1 said in • 8x8's Suggestions •:

@8x8 cool thanks i found it. have you downloaded vehicles and do you put them in the same folder?

Yeah, yet I have only tried the Peterbilt 281 'Duel' from It even features it's 50s Fruehauf tanker, and looks really awesome!!

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@fearedfox18 said in Vehicle Presentation: Introducing the B-6A!:

Now that the first tractor was officially released, all thats left is to release a Tractor with a front loader attachment for logs, something better then the crane, and good competition for the K700 but with the log grabber on the front instead of back....something like an official version of the New Holland W170C Mod (titled NH W170C) on the steam workshop

Yeah, great suggestion, but B-6A is the 2nd tractor, K-700 is the 1st.
If you want an alternate slightly larger K-700, check out the truck called STEVORIK on the workshop, it's really great!

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@raibi said in Community Update 13/03/19:

Hey @Alpscruiser! What's Next de Focus is on April 10-11 😉 so just a few days left.

Nice, I'm very excited too! 😃

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@8up-local said in Community Update 13/03/19:

so i think we are all in 100% agreement. we want to see some video also. 😘

Yes, I agree. 🙂

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@deathcoreboy1 said in Mudrunner 2:

@zamal @Alpscruiser @Lombra @8up-local @8x8 How would you feel about having a huuuuuge sandbox map with lots of stuff there and an enterprise cargo/jobs based gameplay? like, many little towns, villages and probably one or two cities. There you will find cargo delivery companies that will offer this kind of jobs. Workshops that will offer jobs like going and rescue some stuck in mud vehicle. Fuel pumps to where you'll have to haul tankers and all that stuff. A money system to buy more trucks and adons which will open the possibility to do more kind of jobs or facilitate yours. Possibilities are endless. Then you could buy your garage and so on...

That right there, is an amazing idea.
I sincerely hope someone from Focus sees your comment!
You should be their lead game designer!

@zamal said in Mudrunner 2:

sounds cool but can they pull it off? also it will require live traffic and pedestrians, wildlife.. wer getting into gtaesc level project, can devs pull of this i dont know + i like my sandbox mudrunner just add more objectives all things wev asked for years

Yes, that would be great!
The MudRunner and Spintires games made me think, though...

What I noticed about the games, is that all the buildings aren't lit up at night.
The wooden huts have barricaded windows. The laundry is always hanging on the clotheline. You can't see a human soul, aside from yourself, inside the truck.
Although I really didn't want it to be true, I figured that the whole environment is a post-radiation world, and you're playing as a madman fled from an asylum, pointlessly driving trucks and delivering logs to no one at all.
It's all pretty scary, if you ask me.

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@deathcoreboy1 said in Imagens e vídeos etc:

@8x8 yeah, same here. The hype got my imagining out of hand stuff.
Hey, looking at the screenshots. Is it me or the antialiasing is hella bad? look at the trees.

Perhaps, but I think we'd need higher-res pictures to tell for sure. 🙂
Also, keep in mind that it's still very WIP, I'm sure it'll get more optimised. 😉

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