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also multiplayer beta does not allow workshop maps to be selected, is this feature planned? can there be a 1 button map download like there is with the truck mods currently

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regardless of all the real electric winches etc... IMO this is a game balance issue. if you could winch a flipped vehicle it would make the maps way too easy. The fun in this game is rescuing trucks that have flipped etc...

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I'm liking the consistent communication from the devs here, looking forward to what comes in the future.

As for feedback for the beta I'll have to think about more stuff but to start:

-I'd really like is to get views from the left AND right, of all the trucks at all times, Ideally a way to do this with custom keys or a way to cycle them all thru the existing key on the gamepad (left dpad). I'd be ok with using up dpad for advanced mode and using down dpad for even more exterior views.

eg: DPAD UP - advanced mode
DPAD LEFT - the same as current, back left, then front left view
DPAD DOWN - back right, then front right view
DPAD RIGHT - same as current, trailer view

-On a somewhat related note there is no way for me to change key bindings on my controller, That would be very much appreciated so I could move stuff around or disable a key when trying to do a challenge (like the nav map achievement)

-also curious to whether cross play will be possible, might be too much of a challenge but fortnite has it and i'd love to be able to play from PC to my sisters husband who is getting it on the switch when it comes out.

Don't let the haters get to you, even as someone who has played the original spintires, I have over 40 hours and still have like half the maps to finish one star hardcore. the multiplayer brings replayability and I really love the game. I have got my moneys worth AND some more. I appreciate that you are trying to say you are improving the console version without giving concrete timelines and dates, I know that is always a challenge to meet those deadlines when you self impose them like that so I respect you guys for keeping it open. I have faith in you guys keep it coming!!