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@pix3lmonkey said in How to install SpinTiresMod (Mudrunner Plus) Enable Dev Tools on ANY map **SpinTiresMod Discussion**:

Does anyone know the shortcut keys to add a vehicle using the modloader if the UI isn't showing? The UI isn't visible in some multiplayer games for me but I can still use the freeroam cam so I know the mod is active

If im mistaken, there is no hotkey. Unless Alex added it in 1.8.3. You might be talking about the hotkeys to enable free cam

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Damn, ya'll beat me. lmao

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Getting back to work after a few weeks. Got a new pc... Starting work on a 1979 Ford F250

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All we can do for right now is figure this fuss out ourselves

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The fix I mentioned a couple posts ago works for all my friends and myself. So feel free to try that method. Any feedback is appreciated!

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A few days ago, an old friend of mine, bleachSNAK3 found a fix. It took him many hours to figure it out. Unfortunately, the only version that works is SpinTiresModv1.7.6

Install SpinTiresMod normally. Then go to C:\Program Files (x86)\SpintiresMod\Install\Win32/Spintires Mudrunner and copy MudRunner4GBPatched.exe and steam_appid.txt into the game directory (every 4GBPatched.exe is different for every version). Then, in the directory create a new .txt document called MudRunner. In that text document, type the steam game number: 675010, and save. Create a desktop shortcut to MudRunner4GBPatched.exe and always launch the game from that.

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New project

Going for an old scrapyard look for this 78 K10. Making different versions aswell: diesel dually with fifth wheel trailer and a big ass lifted mud bogger.

4_1547576791605_20190112145444_1.jpg 3_1547576791605_20190112144045_1.jpg 2_1547576791604_20190112144040_1.jpg 1_1547576791604_20190112144026_1.jpg 0_1547576791604_20190112143934_1.jpg

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