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I've uploaded the ranger to the workshop as private, went to spawn it, and the outcome is this...


Whenever the tires meet the ground, they all go haywire. Any idea what might be the cause to this please reply. Thanks
Add me on steam and I will let you download it if you want to see what it's doing and possibly give some feedback

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@branathon said in How to install SpinTiresMod (Mudrunner Plus) Enable Dev Tools on ANY map **SpinTiresMod Discussion**:


I just downloaded your 1.8.1 version to play spintires (not interested in the editor) I selected the correct mudrunner file location, hit apply and ok, and it seems to not be working, game is launching but there is no mod options in the settings menu as shown in the video in the beginning of this thread.

Make sure you are installing STM to the C:/Program Files(x86) folder and no where else.

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Try uninstalling and reinstalling the editor directory in stm

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come on, new modder here! what have we got to say about redneck?? lol

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