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Keyboard and mouse players should not have such an advantage with sensitivity over game pad players. Also its not realistic for the avatar to turn a complete 180 in a nano second, its not realistic and is an unfair advantage, If realistic is what your going for every player should not be able to rotate so fast or atleast with limits that is more realistic or damn just fair.

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I'm very disappointed that the insurgency team decided to block certain strategic points of tactical sniping to cut off enemy forces. Your adding so much restrictions in the game your not making it fun. Also the warning zones are very restrictive. Your punishing the player for surviving behind enemy lines. Its no long feeling simulation or realistic its starting to feel very arcadish. Lighten up on the restrictions!!! -Also you don't allow snipers to access very high points on purpose, its like your appeasing all the little cry babies. Your team needs to decide whether your going to be arcade like COD or simulation not both. I bought this game and the previous because I liked the realism. I wont be purchasing in the future if all these restriction continue and it begins to feel more arcade like. Also think about adding anti personnel mines like claymores and trigger mines. I would love to see a zombie mode. Your sales would go way up I guarantee it.