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@jericho2 Just make sure that Spires fleet has under 900 fleet power when engaging the last opponent. It worked for me!

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Yes, I agree with both of you. Tau, AdMech and Aeldaris feel all like the same. They need some changes for uniqueness. But I appreciate your hard work on the game and also the community knows, that this are just some minor issues for future projects.

I could finally play the Imperial Campaign and I was not disappointed, BUT I really missed the atmosphere and grimness from the BFGA. That campaign was fucking perfect. I never had enough from the cutscenes and just loved them. The scripted missions felt good and had some nice changes in it. Now the felt a little bit to linear. It had some good parts. The Phalanx mission in the Prologue was really fun to play and the Voice acting for the mission was just great. I can't stop playing this mission, also when Roboute Guilliman shows up during the campaign just feels great.

I hope you listen here to the audience and have some changes in the future. I will keep playing this game, because I can't have enough.

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Just Spires fleet has to be below 900 points before you start the battle! I tried it and it worked for me

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Well well, here we go.
I just wanted to thank you for not destroying the Warhammer 40.000 game genre and instead to blow it up with an incredible good game, that has some problems. Not every game is perfect from the first day and I can't complain that much. It has its bugs and issues, but I hope you are gonna fix it and make it even greater than it already is.

It feels good to play with these large vessels and all of the unique Factions which have their own playstyle and gimmicks. Also I just like the idea that you listen to your community and do something if they complain about some issues (just like me).

Things I like:

  • Voice Acting, it sounds very good but maybe some more different voices for the ships would be great
  • The details of the models (you just putted so much love into them)
  • The dark Atmosphere of an never ending war in space and the whole Warhammer 40.000 fluff
  • The mere limitless possibilities to manage your own fleet and make space fighting interesting
  • The campaign modes.

What I think you could do better and what I really miss:

  • Balancing (I know, it is hard to balance 12 different factions)
  • All the technical difficulties
  • More unique traits for the sub factions (if it is possible)
  • More voices for the ships
  • More ships
  • And at the good end: I just loved the cinemátics. I really really loved them from BFGA I and I hope to see more in BFGA II it got me a little bit disappointed. But I think you got your reasons why you did that.

Keep on with the great work and maybe some of the other Admirals, Warbosses, Masters, Traitors, Xenos and Heretics got some issue which I missed.

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Same with me, got also 200 turns and I hope they fix it. I just loved the game and how the campaigns are made. I really can't complain that much but that big is just awful.

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I got the same bug. Everytime I kill all four of them, my game crashes

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As described in the title, I got a "Fatal Error" during the campaign. Everytime I defeat the Khorne Champion and the Plot goes on. Better said, when the Path to Terra Mission begins and I get the rewards for that. I cant get any further and it really sucks. I deinstalled the game, installed it again. Downloaded the newest drivers to my GPU and it still wont work. It says that it has a serious error with continuing the campaign mission. So what can I do? I just want to play the game.

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You are not the only one. I got the same issue...