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@buzztr0n said in [Feedback/Critic] Many game aspects still broken as hell - WHY?:

I also think its unbalanced that the extended magazine for the MP5 (30 to 40) costs 3 supply points, the same amount as a drum magazine (which has more bullets, 30 to 50). 2 supply points seem fair to me.

I disagree with this. MP5 is probably already the best SMG as it combines the best aspects of MP7 and UZI. These are high rate of fire, controllable recoil, good default magazine size, and good damage per shot. MP7 requires one more shot to kill, can't equip a foregrip, and has 4 supply cost extended magazines. Uzi has slow rate of fire, and because magazine size is more important with high rate of fire, its drum magazines are not better than MP5's extended magazines.

TLDR: You can't just buff MP5 without comparing it to the other weapons the class has.

Edit: I think only if MP5 would cost one point more its extended magazines could cost one point less.

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@feuerholz said in Maximizing 3D sound...???:

Dolby Headphone isn't bad when it comes to directional sound, i agree. However, it sounds far too artificial here. Do you know if this might be a a difference between sound cards?

I think you use wrong settings. If the sounds sound distant with Dolby Headphone enabled then you use the wrong room size setting. Have you tested the different room size settings in Asus Audio Center? DH-2 is right for me.

Do you use Uni Xonar drivers by the way?

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I agree that the iron sights are terrible, but that's it.

@zayzek said in The M16A2 needs to be buffed.:

the A2 should be as viable as an AK

No, the A2 is not meant to be equipped in equal numbers. It's a rare longer range weapon option.

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@feuerholz With my setup Dolby Headphone virtual surround works perfectly and adds immersion. Everything sounds exactly like it should and I can pinpoint the exact direction and distance to every sound source. With Dolby Headphone disabled I can not. I play games and watch movies with Dolby Headphone enabled as the experience is superior.

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Does the virtual surround work correctly in other games? Are you sure you have 5.1 channels (for Headphones) selected and then enabled the virtual surround (Is it SBX Prostudio surround setting with that soundcard)? Have you tried tweaking the surround effect / room size slider in the software?

I hear sounds exactly where they are (except above or below) with my Xonar Essence STX soundcard and Sennheiser HD 650 headphones. My soundcard uses Dolby Headphone for virtual surround.

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I also think the 50 round pouch/drum mags are useless in their current state. They could be useful if you'd get more of them and also a faster reload time with them.

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I think it's suppression effect staying on screen. I have also seen gas mask graphic staying on screen. Going to 1st person view fixes it.

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This bothers me too. When running a light loadout without a carrier that 8 shotgun shells or 5 sniper cartridges makes a big difference.

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I think the camo problem happens when you have equipped torso or legs which became locked again. The game reverts to the default ones and instead of selecting the right camo it's randomized from the ones you have unlocked. Selecting your torso and legs again and using only new presets should fix it.

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This definitely has to be fixed before patch release.

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