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Thank you so very much for the explanation. I totally understand how hard it must be for a small studio to do all the same things as a larger one. I'm definitely looking forward to a roadmap for the development of the game. This game is a dream come true for me and if its anywhere near as good a Mordhiem then we'll all be incredibly lucky. If I lived closer to your studio I'd probably volunteer to do the communication for you. I'd love that kind of job, alas I'm stuck in old blighty. 😂. Looking forward to any and all information on your game.

Ps Have you thought about creating a mailing list for those who want regular updates? It could be nice to sign up to.

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While I liked the campaign storyline in mordheim they were linear. I was thinking and hoping that there would be a branching set of stories for the houses in necromunda.

One possible idea I had was that at certain stages the mission giver would say that you need to get a certain set of objectives completed before the next story mission unlocks. For instance:
Quest Giver: "I've got a really good opportunity for you to earn more credits than you've ever dreamed of, but my employer needs a gang with a certain set of skills. I want that gang to be you, but you ain't good enough yet."
To be able to unlock the mission you'd need to fulfill a set of objectives by fighting in random campaign games. Maybe you need to make a kill or raise your gang rating by a certain amount ect...

Also I was thinking that at certain points you're given a choice between two options, number one could be a known level of gang to fight or you could gamble for a random gang, however the gamble means possibly less credits if your opponent is weaker or a harder fight if the gang is higher.

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I'm in as soon as the alphas are starting. I so can't wait for this game, I'm back on a mordheim kick again. 😂

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There is quite a difference between the rule sets. Inquisitor was designed primarily as a role-playing game which used figures to enhance the experience. As such is based on a D66 and D100. In comparison necromunda TT is a D6 game.

However the idea of an inquisitor based game would be great.

In the vain of inquisitor games there has recently been released a game called inquisitor:martyr. I've been playing it and it's good.

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