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In the original TT game there was the chance you could buy a really rare weapon. I was thinking of a way it could be included in the computer game.

I was recently playing mordheim, and I like the gear quality idea. I was thinking that there should be 5 levels, normal, good, master, rare, and unique. The unique gear should have lore based names and those could represent the 1 in a million type weapon/gear.

What do people think?

Plus it would be great if we could have more than 1 attachment slot the higher the level of the gear.

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I would very much like to see a version of the veteran system in Necromunda. The changes id make would be; A) 1 single global veteran system not one per gang. 😎 higher veteran levels with more tasks to complete. C) no tasks that require online skirmishes, I'm currently on a Mordheim binge, but I can't complete the skirmish tasks due to no other online games. D) lore specific task names.

Also this system could also be used to track how well you play with each gang, and therefore be used to assess an opponent online.

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You could treat the settlements like an RPG hub. You could walk your leader round the settlement going to various NPC's for say trade, missions, recruitment of gang members and hired guns. The standing in the town could change depending on a) which house it affiliates to ( which could change as the game goes) and b) your reputation with that house. For instance, if you played as a Goliath gang then you'd never be welcome in an escher affiliated settlement. It mean also, missions to either take control of a settlement or defend one. That could also play into the reputation thing, whereby if too much damage is done you reputation will suffer.

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I'd like to start off by saying Thank You to the devs of Necromunda. We're all totally excited for the release. I hope your all enjoying the discussions we're having, and I hope that your thinking about using some of the idea. @lilstrid if the devs aren't reading the forum posts, please could you pass on my thanks, and maybe some of the ideas suggested.

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@DeTortor, I'm thinking of starting a post to thank the devs for all their hard work. I think it'd be nice to encourage them with praise. Cos mostly we're all just trying to suggest ideas for them. Maybe if we shower them with thanks, they might just think about our ideas. 😂

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I love those ideas @DeTortor. I just hope that the devs are listening. Also I hope that it's an easy thing to implement.

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With regard to diplomacy, apart from negotiating for a return of a hostage, I'm not sure it's, either, a) lore friendly or b) game friendly. However, inter gang trades might be a good idea too put in. I could work well, at random points an offer of stash or equipment could be made by a rival gang. Plus you could also offer a trade to a rival. I also think that a similar thing could work for hostage negotiations, one gang could offer a set amount of stuff for the release. It's either paid, or they could try and rescue the hostage. This way there are two possible mission you can go on. 1) hostage rescue, 2) hostage defence. If you successfully defend then you can choose to kill, recruit (if gang types are the same) or sell to pit slavers.

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