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Thank you so very much for the explanation. I totally understand how hard it must be for a small studio to do all the same things as a larger one. I'm definitely looking forward to a roadmap for the development of the game. This game is a dream come true for me and if its anywhere near as good a Mordhiem then we'll all be incredibly lucky. If I lived closer to your studio I'd probably volunteer to do the communication for you. I'd love that kind of job, alas I'm stuck in old blighty. 😂. Looking forward to any and all information on your game.

Ps Have you thought about creating a mailing list for those who want regular updates? It could be nice to sign up to.

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Definitely looking forward to the game, been waiting my whole life to play a pc version of the TT game. Take your time guys i'd love to see an epic version. I dont mind waiting longer if it allows you to make the game greater. To the Community: Just a suggestion, lets try not to push the developers too much. We've all seen with other games that an early release can damage a game completely. Let encourage them and support them to make the best game possible.