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Definitely looking forward to the game, been waiting my whole life to play a pc version of the TT game. Take your time guys i'd love to see an epic version. I dont mind waiting longer if it allows you to make the game greater. To the Community: Just a suggestion, lets try not to push the developers too much. We've all seen with other games that an early release can damage a game completely. Let encourage them and support them to make the best game possible.

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Thank you so very much for the explanation. I totally understand how hard it must be for a small studio to do all the same things as a larger one. I'm definitely looking forward to a roadmap for the development of the game. This game is a dream come true for me and if its anywhere near as good a Mordhiem then we'll all be incredibly lucky. If I lived closer to your studio I'd probably volunteer to do the communication for you. I'd love that kind of job, alas I'm stuck in old blighty. 😂. Looking forward to any and all information on your game.

Ps Have you thought about creating a mailing list for those who want regular updates? It could be nice to sign up to.

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While I liked the campaign storyline in mordheim they were linear. I was thinking and hoping that there would be a branching set of stories for the houses in necromunda.

One possible idea I had was that at certain stages the mission giver would say that you need to get a certain set of objectives completed before the next story mission unlocks. For instance:
Quest Giver: "I've got a really good opportunity for you to earn more credits than you've ever dreamed of, but my employer needs a gang with a certain set of skills. I want that gang to be you, but you ain't good enough yet."
To be able to unlock the mission you'd need to fulfill a set of objectives by fighting in random campaign games. Maybe you need to make a kill or raise your gang rating by a certain amount ect...

Also I was thinking that at certain points you're given a choice between two options, number one could be a known level of gang to fight or you could gamble for a random gang, however the gamble means possibly less credits if your opponent is weaker or a harder fight if the gang is higher.

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I'm in as soon as the alphas are starting. I so can't wait for this game, I'm back on a mordheim kick again. 😂

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There is quite a difference between the rule sets. Inquisitor was designed primarily as a role-playing game which used figures to enhance the experience. As such is based on a D66 and D100. In comparison necromunda TT is a D6 game.

However the idea of an inquisitor based game would be great.

In the vain of inquisitor games there has recently been released a game called inquisitor:martyr. I've been playing it and it's good.

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In the original TT game there was the chance you could buy a really rare weapon. I was thinking of a way it could be included in the computer game.

I was recently playing mordheim, and I like the gear quality idea. I was thinking that there should be 5 levels, normal, good, master, rare, and unique. The unique gear should have lore based names and those could represent the 1 in a million type weapon/gear.

What do people think?

Plus it would be great if we could have more than 1 attachment slot the higher the level of the gear.

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I would very much like to see a version of the veteran system in Necromunda. The changes id make would be; A) 1 single global veteran system not one per gang. 😎 higher veteran levels with more tasks to complete. C) no tasks that require online skirmishes, I'm currently on a Mordheim binge, but I can't complete the skirmish tasks due to no other online games. D) lore specific task names.

Also this system could also be used to track how well you play with each gang, and therefore be used to assess an opponent online.

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You could treat the settlements like an RPG hub. You could walk your leader round the settlement going to various NPC's for say trade, missions, recruitment of gang members and hired guns. The standing in the town could change depending on a) which house it affiliates to ( which could change as the game goes) and b) your reputation with that house. For instance, if you played as a Goliath gang then you'd never be welcome in an escher affiliated settlement. It mean also, missions to either take control of a settlement or defend one. That could also play into the reputation thing, whereby if too much damage is done you reputation will suffer.

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I'd like to start off by saying Thank You to the devs of Necromunda. We're all totally excited for the release. I hope your all enjoying the discussions we're having, and I hope that your thinking about using some of the idea. @lilstrid if the devs aren't reading the forum posts, please could you pass on my thanks, and maybe some of the ideas suggested.