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@zoglet said in Crashing Xbox 1 x:

I suspect this is linked to the multiplayer crash bug I opened a while back.

I’m not entirely convinced it’s linked to the Xbox One X. I’ve tried to get answers from the players I was online with when it happens but I rarely get a complete response. This is also why I just raised a separate request for more feedback on bug review and bug fix. It would be encouraging to know that our feedback is actually being read/actioned.

Agree completely. I should he clarified in my post that I'm not sure One X is the cause/related, but wanted to clarify should it be of value. Also agree that it would be nice to know this is being looked at/heard... sort of ruins the game if I can't play with other people...

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I wanted to add onto this. I'm having this issue as well, same scenario. I've owned the game since it came out on XBOX, no issues, played with a friend all the time (who also has an XBOX). Shortly after the game came up, I upgraded to XBOX One X and my friend remained on XBOX One. No issues still.

Since the DLC release though, it constantly crashes when he tries to join me. Sometimes his XBOX locks up, sometimes mine does. It will work < 20% of the time, but it's just a matter of time before it locks up again. It seems to primarily lock up during initial join. Whether he hosts or I host, it happens.

Can we please get this look into asap? This is frustrating.

As for troubleshooting steps taken:

  • Full XBOX reboots on both sides
  • Full router reboots on each side
  • Full DLC and Game Removal + Re-Install for XBOX on both sides

It may or may not be associated to this.. But it seems to be when my friend has a "higher" ping (200-300ms) but that was never an issue before.

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I signed up on the forum today and got the terms of use "TEST TEXTE" which I proudly agreed to comply to 🙂

Screenshot attached:


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