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Our enemies are plenty, but so are our guns. Mutants, Xenos, Heretics, a universe full of blight.
But at the end of our service, we'll be the victorious ones. For we are the Imperial Navy, and you are in our sights!

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As far as I know they only made new ships for the dark eldars because in the TT they only had 2 ships!

The other factions should replicate their respective TT codexes.

I agree though, the Necrons roster feels very skinny.

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Having played mostly IN, SM and Chaos I would like to agree. The chaos battleships are quicker than both IN and SM equivalents and they excel at long range support. They do their job well.

The Apocalypse class is too slow, its lances don't hit enough and it can be easily picked off and overwhelmed. It is also hard to align the nova cannon properly due to the very low turn speed.

The Retribution class is a bit better, it has the same speed of your other cruisers so it's harder to isolate and pick off, its close range performance is better than the Apocalypse and it's equipped both with torps and ramming spur making it an excellent weapon platform (if you can bring the fight up close).

The Oberon and Emperor classes both seem too expensive for what they do and I have yet to include either in any of my builds.

Similarly Battle Barges suffer from being slow, and they too can find themselves isolated and picked off relatively easily. Combined with the relatively low ship count of the SM fleet they often seem an inferior choice compared to strike cruisers that can maneuver around threats much better and deliver more space marines assaults faster.

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I have experienced the odd problem, especially on my lower end system, but the game runs fine most of the times. On my high end laptop the game has never crashed and even loading up the fleet roster is fast.

I am afraid the older the system you are using to run the game, the more glitches and problems you run into.

Have you reported your crash dumps on the tech forum/support email? This is how to do it: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/32847/read-how-to-report-a-bug-or-a-crash

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I think this would take slow and / or few in numbers fleets completely out of the game.

Playing mostly as Imperial Navy if I had to use my cruisers to cap it would take me ages as well as hopelessly split my fighting force.

Necrons would too be obliterated by such change.

Little would change for fleets already strong at capping such as eldar.

I think it's fine as it is.

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No doubt carriers are somewhat overtuned at the moment. Ideally you should rush his main fleet and engage it asap so you can bring your superior guns and boarding to bear.

Hopefully fighters will be hit by the nerfhammer soon.

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Sadly I have had a few lock ups myself. I managed to get past it by non orthodox means i.e. rebooting my pc and/or verifying file integrity through steam.

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@hallbregg true but really replays come after as a priority.

Bugs, crashes and extreme imbalance are all much bigger issues for the game.

With that said yes if course replays would be cool and I would like the function too.

A better lobby however is both more urgent and easier to put together than replays imo.

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@brohanbroski Maybe it gets worse in the upper leagues, I am doing ok in the adamantium bracket. There seems to be reasonable levels of cheese 😃

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Good post. I also reported a while back that we should have visible key bindings in the icons... I think it was confirmed that you will be able to see what skill is bound to what key in the in-game interface at release.

Good point about abilities shifting on the bar between ship classes 🙂

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Just here to say that there is a tendency to hyperbole in balance discussions on the forum.

Balance isn't perfect (and never will be) but it is far from being screwed. I am having fun with the game right now and we just got the confirmation from the game director, that they are looking at both metadata and players feedback to fine tune the game.

I am satisfied all around and look forward to the full release on Thursday!

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