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This is a really fun beautiful well made game but this capture point game mode is really bad. You can have an epic battle but who ever wins that battle ultimately does not matter what does matter is how much escort ships that are left over. I personally find it ridiculous that you can have a full fleet of cruisers left after the main engagement yet you will still ''lose'' to your enemy if they have a few escorts ships left. Your enemy can claim ''victory'' even tho the majority of there fleet is in ash's. This ''tactic'' [if you want to call connect the dots a tactic] Ruins what would otherwise be a fun battle and it happens for 90% of the games i have played so far. No one wants to chase little escort ships to Holy Terra and back for 10 minutes either. Replace or add cruiser clash and this will all be resolved.

My Sympathy's to the artists/devs that where not involved making of this utterly ridiculous mode it will ruin what is otherwise a great game.

Act fast.

[UPDATE: Response from devs concerning the Capture Point game mode called ''domination mode'' here]

“I don’t like the domination mode in campaign.”
Well, It will be pretty easy for us to add a game option that allows the player to remove capture zones during campaign battles in order to play with just the “extermination” win condition. We still believe that domination mode provides a better in-game experience, as it adds a tactical layer to battle as well as improving the game balance, but we understand the desire to annihilate your enemies.
We’ll do our best to deliver this change for the release. If we cannot, it will be implemented with the first patch shortly after launch. We will keep you updated on this as regularly as possible.

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Great step in the right direction. All we need now is an annihilation mode for multiplayer battles.

They are acting fast.

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Agreed although the mode adds alot more ''tactical depth'' lets say i do find after utterly destorying someones fleet if have afew escort ships are left over most people rather than giving up will go around the map gathering objective points and you have no hope of stopping them if all you have left is heavy ships. Many a time i have been cheesed out of victory by this ''tactic'' its not fun.

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