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Looks cool, will definitely give it a look.

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This is awesome! Great news! Thank Christ we didn't have to play as the fail that is Abaddon the Armless.

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Iirc Legend is based on a %age of the population, so yeah you're probably topped out in Epic atm and you're trying to beat your head on those few in Legend.

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I don't know much about Nids but yeah, the leaderboard is getting flooded by them atm so SOMETHING is up.

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@sultanofsuspect said in the game MP seems to be dying:

(All the things sultanofsuspect said)

Yeah, I think this is a good list. I've been pretty lenient about the balance as I can understand the tremendous difficulty of making 12 factions relatively balanced to each other. I think we're in a better state now (with the exception of pyroacid nids) atm then we were when we started.

I'll do my own write ups on some suggestions for skills as I get gud at the game, and I would encourage everyone to do that really. Communication is always good.

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A gentlemen by the name of Azarune ingame gave me this idea while we were playing. Don't worry, I'm not salty and I won that match 😛

I'm fine with the domination game mode, but I think the algorithm or whatever can use a bit of tweaking on where it places the capture points.

Is it possible to sort of "hard lock" 2 points on the north side of the map, 2 points on the south side of the map, and 1 point in the middle band of the map? After that, I don't mind some randomization as that keeps things fresh on maps. I think it would help keep the situation a little more even instead of feeling like you won/lost on map load sometimes.

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o/ Welcome to the community!

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Yeah, I've been laddering pretty hard the last few days. The highest I've hit is Adamantium and the lowest I've hit is Bronze. I'm basically gaining/losing half a rank every game. I have run the following fleets:

1x Ark, 4x Lunar, 1x Cobra
5x Gothic, 3x Nova
1x Dictator, 4x Tyrant, 1x Nova, 2x Gladius or just 3x Gladius
1x Dictator, 2x Tyrant, 2x Gothic and 3x Gladius

As for skills:
Stasis Bomb almost always, then either Probe/Orb/Void Shield/Rad Tempest
Disruptor Overcharge with Gothics, Culexis Assassin and then whatever, depends. (I haven't unlocked everything yet but I'll probably use AP ammo once it's unlocked)

I think 5 is the key number of Novas or else you just don't have enough. Novas can only work massed otherwise they're just not worth it.

The basic strategy is the same on all fleets - try to stay as far out as you can, dish out as much Nova as possible until the enemy inevitably gets on top of you, and honestly just pray you did enough damage before then. It has very mixed success so far.

The Dictator is nice for scouting and some occasional escort sniping. The Ark is an excellent gunboat imo. Gothics are pure critfishers and Tyrants are probably the best "jack of all trades" ships AM have access to. Lunars are only in the first comp solely because they are the only ships whose cost is low enough to make the points work.

Idk, I just feel like the AM package just isn't enough. From what I've read on the forums, Chaos seems to be suffering from the same issues.

Like, I want to be a kiting fleet because my troop proficiency, my troop number and my exceptional accuracy work towards that way. But my ship hulls just aren't suited towards it.

The rotation rate is too low and the speed is only mediocre at best. Worse still, my primary special weapon requires my ships to be front-facing AND pins them for a while before I can rotate back. if you try to use your repair skill for more combustion gauge you're taking a heavy risk that your engines won't blow out while retreating and if they do, you can't fix it.

I'm still trying to "get gud" for now so I don't have any suggestions. I might come back in another day or two of laddering, but yeah. Atm, I'm just STRUGGLING particularly against any non-Aeldari faction that has even average speed.

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Really, the lack of a replay system or observer mode is the biggest problem right now. It's not going to explode the community size, but it's definitely going to help retain and slowly grow it.

Also, having some kind of global chat in the game might be ok. Just to see people online. The UI has a very solitary feel as you don't see ANYONE at all until you've already got a multi game loaded up.