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@cowgomoo said in repairing turrets from 0 bug:

@ahriman I think your just seeing the troop layers in action. Each ship really has 3x the number of troops listed. When the first set of troops are killed, the ship suffers a minor critical hit and the bar turns yellow with the number of troops resetting. The second time the ship takes heavy critical damage and the bar turns red, and the third time the ship turns into a hulk.

Hmmm, that would most likely be the case, I have completely missed this mechanic so far. Thank you very much for clarification.

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I never said that the 'Nid ship was the one with 17 troops. That was just the number that stuck in my head, don't remember what ships it exactly was now.
I've observed it a couple of times as when there's only one or two ships left I like to imagine I'm going for a capture of enemy vessel and send out every boarding party I can get, including assault boats, and watch the ship melt.

Edit: As I said, I might be overlooking something.

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Guide good or not, in this place I would like to officially request the dev team to please look into this issue and fix the Despoiler's launch bays. I do believe even some simple fix, like making heavy launch bays just a fancy name for standard launch bays on the prow, but increasing their number to 4, would suffice.

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I've seen similar but with the troop value.
I play against bots and I admittedly don't know all the abilities in the game, but I think there's something wrong when a ship loses the last of its troops and then immediately goes from 0 to 17.

Unless they activated some sort of uber troop replenishment ability that I'm not aware of.

It happened to me a couple of times, against tyranids and IN at the very least, when there was like 1 or 2 ships left.

Now that I think about it, I think it always happened when the "killing blow" was landed by assault boats.

I may be mistaken, but if there is no way to replenish troops from 0 to 17, then you might want to have a look at it.

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My thanks as well, I'm dying to have that mode available as I don't really care about multi myself.

Especially as that greyed out button for 2v2 skirmish is just a tease.

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This forum is a place for giving opinions and suggesting changes that are reasonable from various points of view, with a special consideration of balance, 40k lore and playability. There's also nothing wrong with backing up your favorite faction, as long as the suggestions you make are reasonable and wouldn't push said faction to another extreme of the spectrum.

But to take the very strongest faction at the moment, with statistics and most players' experience to back it up and suggest a major buff to them, justifying it with "it's my favorite faction and now I'm too stupid to figure out how to play them"?

This...I don't even know what to say.

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Yep, there's a huge problem, in that Chaos is NOT AT ALL a "long ranged speedy skirmish faction" right now.
We frankly suck due to lances (especially chaos lances) being little more than overglorified laser pointers whose biggest strength is showing the player precisely who attacks who. At least in the current version of the game.

Sure, why not take away the literally 2 only decent ships that Chaos has.
And even if lances were good, why tone down the 2 ships that hold their ground in close quarters, when there are even more factions that can close in quickly than there were in the previous game.

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The buff to Chaos lances is laughable.

I can not say about IN lances/zzzaps and others as I haven't tried them yet, though they might have benefited quite a bit due to their starting high crit chance.
But for Chaos who had only 1% crit chance to begin with it's a joke. If Chaos lances got a bigger crit bonus and increased damage, then they'd probably work a lot better. Maybe.

Though I'd rather see the return to the roots, lances as your typical armor piercing weapons with armor reduction to 25.

Please for the love of whatever deity you worship, make this happen.

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