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I would remove this incredibly dumb cooldown thingy altogether. Whoever thought this would be a good idea in the first place may want to go get their head checked, I'm not kidding.

Or at least, maybe, actually play the game for example?

Anyway, I'm playing on my own rules with custom made mod now, and imo giving +200 speed to ordnance makes them pretty solid in my experience. Lets the bombers actually do some damage before perishing, and significantly improves the ordnance's chance to get away from those pesky all ahead escorts.

Of course choosing the exact bonus would require actual testing by players who play a multi, but I think this could be a good start.

+200 speed means +50% speed to bombers and +33% speed to fighters, for most races.

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Upgrades that increase id range are somewhat subpar, since they don't increase the id range against stealthed units, and we have escorts with scans anyway.
The "augur array" type upgrades should either work on all ships, not only escorts/light cruisers, or increase the id range against stealthed units as well. I believe that would make it a very viable upgrade against stealth heavy factions, without making it a game breaker.

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Looking at it from another point of view, most of AP weapons are lance type weapons, which have a higher crit chance, meaning they will deal armor-ignoring damage more often.

So it's kinda fitting.

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I have no obligation to search through any books for a point about something that literally doesn't exist.
How about you point out a page number and book that states the Necrons use carrier based ordnance in deep space battles?
You keep trying to get around the basic fact of Necrons not using any carriers until this very game, recently.
You want to prove that giving Necrons a full fledged carrier, with full set of ordnance is loreful? You have to prove it.

Until then, your "lore" points are moot. As for your "balance" point about a lance example, the change does not have to be applied to every lance of every faction. But that's besides the point.

Adding full fledged bombers (let alone assault boats) would be a BIG deal, and it WOULD affect other factions, no matter how much you try to sell the opposite idea. For bombers, there is a significant difference between dot and burst, it means for example a difference between enemy escorts keeping you revealed and escorts destroyed.
For assault boats, we're talking about giving a long ranged boarding capability to faction that has "good troop efficiency" and "surgical strike", on top of its standard boarding. Talk about potential to hulk a ship or force out the CTA.

Lastly, I never said lack of carriers was THE thing that made Necrons unique. It's just that you neglected to catch the "one of" and "features" parts.

Lack of proper ordnance prevented the typical carrier tactics and enforced the usage of Necrons' strengths, which you have pointed out absolutely correctly.

Give them full assortment of ordnance, make them faster because apparently with 240 speed cruisers they aren't fast enough to catch anyone who would like to keep distance, and we will get Eldar from the first game, just with a lot more armor and 270 arc firepower.

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You're desperately trying to turn the facts on their head.

I'm afraid you are on the wrong side of classic "prove that it exists/prove that it doesn't exist" argument. Lack of counter-proof is not a proof unto itself.
Or, borrowing your words, it is stated a grand total of nowhere that Necrons have anything remotely resembling a carrier. In fact, lack of carriers has been one of unique features that made the Necron fleet, in both TT and lore.

@nemesor-xanxas said in Why does the necron carrier lack bombers or assualt boats?:

And I fail to see how stating a carrier should have assault boats and bombers affects other factions though, as I said repeatedly I don't care if the things don't actually do anything I am just stating they should have them.

Please... just stop. You are humiliating yourself. Let's pretend you did not write this.
But for the record, let's see... how about: it gives a new weapons system to an already powerful faction? Armor and shield piercing weapons system that will be used against guess whom? Other factions perhaps?

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For f...s sake, cease being a hypocrite.

You say that Necrons have bombers and boats in the lore and therefore their carriers should have them, but you conveniently forget that THE SAME LORE states that Necrons DO NOT use them on any sort of carriers for whatever reason.
Maybe you should just honor your faction's doctrine, as clearly Necrons could use voidcraft in deep space, but just choose not to.

Consider yourself lucky you even got a pretty, non-lore ship in the game that is already more than useful to your faction.
Necrons are NOT supposed to have carriers, period.

I almost exclusively back up Chaos, but even in my hissy fits I take into account other factions when proposing changes like lance buffs.
But seeing your attitude perhaps I should campaign for returning lances to goold old "treat armor as 25", wonder how you'd like that.

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I guess I am 😁

Got allergy back in the first game, now I get a temperature rise whenever they pull some stupid shit. Especially when backed up with lack of discussion or explanation.

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Reportedly, in canon Necrons only ever use their ordnance during planetary assaults.

And yep, we can all agree, you are not expert on balance. Not at all.

@nemesor-xanxas said in Why does the necron carrier lack bombers or assualt boats?:

It kind of defeats the point of a carrier if it can't do carrier things. I'm no expert on balance, so maybe you are right about balance, and the modeling things sounds likely, but there is no reason not to give them assault boats.

Please leave and go back once you can see Eldar players complaining about lack of assault boats.

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Perhaps because, I don't know? Maybe because Necrons DO NOT have carriers in canon in the first place?

And the only reason they have them here and now is to give them some semblance of protection against other ordnance, not to give them offensive ordnance of their own?

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With the Tindalos' magnificent idea to nerf carriers into oblivion so that their beloved macros are the only politically correct choice, it's not gonna happen any time soon.

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