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Yea I’d really like to see these make a return, as they look great

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It’s extremely unfun to run out of spawn and have half your team blown up by a placed explosive or mowed down by an enemy lightyears away before you are even halfway to the objective. I really hope there is some kinda fix for this, as it is ruining a lot of the enjoyment from this game.

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I agree wholeheartedly, while the team believes votekick can be abused, you know what else can be abused? Taking commander and purposely wasting/teamkilling with cal-ins, spamming racist garbage on voicechat, teamkilling, damaging teammates, killing the team vehicle, and the other billion ways somewone can think of to greif teammates and just be an asshole in general. Votekick is such an essential component to a game like this, and I struggle to reccomend this game to others if its missing such a core feature.

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This may be a small problem, but in a lot of situations where a door is knocked down, the door that falls off of its hinges will still sometimes fall over in such a way that it still blocks sight into the doorway. This is a pretty annoying problem as while players can still walk through the broken door, they can’t see what’s on the other side of it and know what’s in the room ahead. Even worse, it seems that bots can see through the doors, and will shoot you when it is impossible to fix.

This problem is easily fixed however, as when a door is shot or kicked down, the door should break into pieces that fall onto the floor and eventually despawn. I know this isn’t a huge issue, but it can be pretty irritating especially in such a tactical shooter.

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If you are sprinting and try to vault through a window, you should automatically break and vault through through the window and shatter the glass. This would be a very nice quality of life feature, as too many good soldiers have been killed while trying to hop through a window that wasn’t broken.

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Humvees could be potentially balanced if Insurgent commanders had the option of calling IED drones to directly bomb the vehicle. This would work as a very effective counter, while the Security forces would still have the option of shooting down the drone if they saw it coming.

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The Model 10, admittedly the worst weapon in Insurgency 2, was a really fun weapon to toy around with. Revolvers are very unique to use in comparison to other pistols thanks to their beefy damage, low fire rate, and magazine capacity, and it would be great if we got the option to have a revolver sidearm for both the Insurgents and the Security forces.

The Insurgent forces would obviously receive the Model 10, but perhaps the Security forces would have the option of equipping a .357 revolver at the cost of 3 inventory points, or perhaps even a .44 magnum with very high damage and the option to equip a short range scope.

While it may seem like a small addition to the arsenal, the introduction of revolvers adds a lot more variety, and the new playstyles that revolvers allow make for a hell of a lot of fun.