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Is there the same phenomenon with Interfering Signals event ?

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You enabled the cease fire mode
Check the "Stop" hand icon in the bottom left corner

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@mystic_taboo Not exactly what he meant
You can also use battleplans to remove steps from the urgency gauge
The is a little icon to the left of the gauge to let you do so

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The "If" you used made me think you were not sure if it was intentional or a bug
If you wrote "Since this cap is intentional, then remove the tier 3 button, as its confusing to users." I would have not commented anything

This is how I interpreted it at least, no offense 🙂

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Had no real trouble with this mission
Actually my SM fleets suffered quite heavy looses

My IN fleet has quite a lot of plasma macro and torpedoes
As for every game vs Tyrannid I had all my ships with Lock On enabled and engagement distance set to the maximum possible
My ships were outside of the scream radius most of the time
The Ancient One was a priority 4 target. This way my ships would actually engage the true threat of the mission : the other tyranids ships
I spammed the Melta and vanilla torpedoes on the AO which is just a huge barely moving target. Used lighting strike whenever possible too on it

It finally died due to 0 crew left but it had only 300 hp left when it happened. The SM reinforcement came just to claim the glory as they barely got in range when the mission ended
I actually think would have lost less ships with my long range AM fleet

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I actually think changing this would remove the whole "deception" plot twist of that mission. They should not explicitly add the "Warp out" objective

But some extra dialog from Spire like :
"I have the feeling we already got in this situation...what kind of madness is it ?" (after 3-4 attemps)
then after even more attempts he finally says something like
"By the Holy Emperor, that profane sorcerer is playing with our mind...get out of there/retreat now !"

(or something along those lines) could help a player who is not noticing that the dialog is exactly the same each time (due to focus on the fight) to figure out that something is going wrong

When I played it, I truly fell the "insanity" : doing the same thing over and over thinking the result would be different
Then at some point I though : "Well it looks like we are trapped in a endless loop. What would happen if I retreat from this battle ?" and then I noticed the blinking icon
But I never though it was a bug at any point thanks to the blurry effect. IMO this was quite an original design for this mission

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While fighting agaist the Anceint One, I lost a few ships
However, the post game result page, did not show how many of them I actually lost

Below the broken ship icon, it showed a solid 0 for all my fleets while at least 2 of them suffered loses

Did you notice that too ?

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I think this is just a way to mark a fleet when you don't want to move it
Each turn I check all my fleets, if they have movement points I know I have to give them order
If I want a fleet to wait to defend on invasion I enable the guard mode
This way when all my fleets have 0 action point, have the guard symbol or the battle symbol I know I can click on "end turn"

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Second one is not a bug
Just read the description of the red attribute (radiation cloud)