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@yorilo the invasion on my screenshot appeared after I completed the Invasion part 1 scripted mission (3 reinforcement fleets arrived)

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@bosie Description says level I prevent assault on the -Obsidian Depths- system...the exact same system being assaulted on the screenshot

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This point of interest is supposed to prevent invasion on that system (unless it is Aelderi)

Yet a tyrannid fleet is invading it. Did I misunderstood the description or this is because it is a scripted invasion or bug ?

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@romeo about the boost, what happens for me ingame is totally the opposite of what you described

The AI will just boost toward me as soon as they are spotted. This means that if you spot one cruiser, the AI will activate full ahead with it to close the gap ASAP thus sending a ship alone
They do not seem to try to evade my AoE attacks neither (or maybe I do them at the right time with exhausted gauge without even knowing)

But indeed the AI do small boost periods to avoid spending the whole gauge at once. That's the only thing they seem to manage correctly

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I am playing the Imperium campaign on Normal difficulty and I was under the impression the enemy AI never make use of skills like plasma bomb/ stasis bomb
They only use boarding/stances/squadrons ordinances but all the more advanced (even torpedoes) seem to be missing for AI

Is it just an impression or the AI is just not able to use skills requiring aiming/leading of the target ?
In the first opus, iirc, they used it all the time

Also, when you reveal a ship, the AI still just put full throttle as it is not stealth anymore (it was like that in BF:GA1 too) so it just go suicide into your fleet. No improvement here

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I was wondering if a balance change made to ships and weapons also affects the ships from campaign

I mean : if Chaos lances get fixed and actually do some damage, does it mean the campaign will also get harder (because enemy will do more damage) ?

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Video speaks for a thousands words. Here is the bug I encountered when I launched the game today. Unique occurence for now
Youtube Video

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@ezycompany101 the given formula is incorrect and should actually be

Life = Life - Damage * (100 - Armor)/ 100

I think it was already described ingame before that post
Armor simply work as percent value of attenuation
0 armor means 100% of the damage is applied (100-0)
50 means half damage is applied (100-50)
87 means only 13% of the total dps is applied
100 armor basically means invincible

The armor system is a basic calculation but actually too simple to work ingame as it is hard to balance. This is like increasing HP of ships except that the armor can be fully or partially bypassed by some weapons