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there SHOULD to be an award called ''most suppression provided''.. come on NWI :(

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hello! i am an active Insurgency player, nothing special except the ''Insurgency'' part ;)

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Hello! ive been wondering about this a short while ago, will a feature like the ARMA style zoom be included in release?

it's already hard to see far targets in the original Insurgency, and the clutter of objects the new engine will suport may also cause even more difficulty in identifying the target, such feature (arma style zoom) would be incredibly helpful since this game is supposed to have larger maps.

so i hope this feature is in consideration

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hello! so i have been discussing about this in the focus home discord and i decided to post this in the forum, here are suggestions for future update (or even DLC! who knows?)

-Motorbikes (imagine speeding through a muddy river with bikes? that would be cool as hell)
-competition mode (like racing through the terrain, challenges against friend, and probably other minigames that would fit Mudrunner)

that's it probably for now, would love to see a feedback and hope you're having a great day!

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this legal thing has been in my mind for while, i probably found out about this from WAY back when counter strike games still use the CV-47 name for the AK.

maybe a slight altercation to the model and names would make this possible?

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oh, youre talking about the ''escort the VIP'' mode? man i love that!

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just to be sure, you were talking about a gamemode similiar to counter-strike, right? and god calm down lol, it's not like i killed your mom or anything..

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also how are you gonna handle the bomb gamemode? 16v16 is retarded for that (looks at csgo casual mode), and 5v5 means you need another 10 player server other than firefight, this is a great way to split the community and adds nothing to the supposed realistic combat

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are you high? the sprinting isn't even that fast..
and you can probably run faster than in the clips if you didn't put anything on.

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