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i think you guys should definitely bring back the veteran (500 kills) and headshot (200 headshots) cosmetic skins and wraps from Day Of Infamy, and maybe the knife kills special melee weapons too.
ghillie wrapping on a sniper rifle sounds particularly interesting.

Also would be cool to see generic weapon skins, like OD green and Flat Dark Earth suracoat/duracoat for security weapons, and maybe sprayed on colors/camos for insurgents.

For the actual player models, would it be too much to ask for country patches from at least all NATO countries? would be cool as hell to represent.
Also being able to choose, or at least have the color of plate carriers and ammo vests compatible with what camo you have chosen, bc i think it looks goofy to have flecktarn, woodland, and forest camos with a tan carrier and vest on the security side.

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Items I spent credits on in the beta 1 appear on my character both in game and in menu, but in the buying menu it appears as though i do not have them bought, and switching out cosmetics will have me lose them and I have no other way of getting them back except for buying them again.

Reload bugs:
After shooting a SMAAWS, sometimes it automatically switches to my primary as oppose to letting me reload it.
Doing a full reload on a completely dry shotgun will actually only load 1 shell even though the animation played loading 8 shells, forcing me to reload again after firing that shell.
When completely emptying a primary weapon I begin a quick reload, but stop the reload half-way (once removing the empty mag) and switch to another weapon, then switch back to the primary and finish the reload. i should have a full mag at this point, but im actually empty and have to reload again.

Gameplay issues:
Ive tested just about every automatic weapon with and without grips and compensators on local play with bots, and on a lot of weapon it seems to have little to no effect even with both of them attatched, i dont know if this is bug, or if they need to be buffed.
if its not a bug, it certainly needs buffing then bc both grips and comps are a whole 3 weight point for something that has little to no impact on recoil, both vertical and horizontal.

Ive been having a lot of hit registration issues (this goes for coop and multiplayer), where im certain i shot someone enough times to kill them or got a headshot, but they dont die.
also, when running away from fire, and dying once ive ran away well enough around a corner or behind a wall.

Also, i think characters on multiplayer move too quickly, to the point where it looks unnatrual and makes it very difficult to aim depending on the angle. this is especially noticeable when strafing left and right and on stairs, where it just looks goofy how fast someone is seen speeding up the stairs.
this may be an issue with animation synchronization too.

Edit: sometimes enemy player models appear completely invisible, except for the plate carrier / ammo pouches and their weapon, but this is a rare bug and it only happens for some of enemy players on the server.

Edit 2: The RPG is practically unusable, because when i aim and fire, the rocket shoots wwaaaaayy off target, very low, and sometimes low-right, causing me to sometimes kill a teammate or myself.

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Before I go into this I wanna preface that the hitreg is much better than it was in previous versions, but post-hitreg and dmg patches, there seems to be a new issue(s).
I seemingly die in one shot, much more often than I should be in my opinion. I think that this is a possible issue and not just how the game is, because I'll have heavy armor equipped and seemingly die in 1 pistol or Uzi shot (not headshots).

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oooo, that looks nice, much better than the one we have now.
i think the one we have now in Sandstorm is an OKP-3 then, in that case?

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so to start, i, and i think a lot of other people, would like to see variable zooms (like on the 4x spectre) and flipable magnifiers. with the addition of larger maps and much longer engagement distances than in ins2, it's become a necessity to have scopes and magnified optics, especially on Crossing. on Crossing especially, i think its a damned if you damned if you dont situation, where if you get a magnified optic, youll do well at range, but its disorienting for close range and room clearing. but, if you get an unmagnified optic, you're screwed if you get caught out of cover, and youre at a severe disadvantage to return fire.
if you think this could be an issue or change the balance, maybe you can adjust the costs, or ADS times with them equipped?

for weapons, i think there's a bit of an imbalance between the .30 cal rifles and sniper rifles between the insurgents and security. the SVD is a much more consistent 1 shot kill rifle compared to the mk14.
so what i suggest is, add an m110 semi-automatic rifle with a 10-rnd mag as the security equivalent for the SVD, and also add another 20rnd .30 cal rifle insurgent rifle to be the mk14s equivalent like perhaps a zastava m77, a wood furniture m14, an old ar-10, or if u want to get obscure, an stgw-57.
more pistol caliber SMGs would be great, like an mp5, UMP, scorpion evo, mac10, pp-19 vitjaz, mp-9, pp200 (not all of them, but a few from that list would be cool)

now id like to address recoil. i think this is important, bc i feel like a lot of guns are unwieldy and annoying to use.
grips and/or compensators are essential on practically every gun that can have it, and even then it doesnt make things much better, they dont make enough of a difference (in some cases little to no difference) to cost 3 weight points. also, this kind of creates a situation like in ins2 where AP bullets were pretty much essential. yeah you have the choice, but its a no-brainer.
in general 5.56 rifles need less recoil. for their cost, theyre just not worth it, the g3 is way better for much less cost and way more killing potential.
adding a dynamic recoil system would be amazing, where the recoil start soft, but get heavier as you keep shooting, it would be a great addition to the game, and i think it would be well received. id like to here what others think of that as well.

for armor balancing, again its the same situation as ins2 with AP bullets. heavy armor is pretty much essential every game. i think heavy armor should make you climb and vault slower, reload slower, have slower ADS times, and make you louder when moving around and doing things (like changing mags, footsteps, etc).

for movement speed, i think the time to accelerate and decelerate should be slowed down a bit, because from the perspective of looking trough a scope at distance, its difficult to hit someone who's basically twitching unrealistically left to right. ive seen people do this abuse this on purpose, and its quite annoying. i know the game is still supposed to be relatively fast paced, but i think that movement can be tweaked and still keep the fast pace going.