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Welcome to the forum. It’s good to see a bit of movement on here recently.

I assume you mean best and worst features from Mordheim that you hope doesn’t get taken across to Necromunda.

In the case I will say the following:
Worst “feature” for me was the use of hit points instead of a straight wound number. I get that computers are able to calculate in a more granular level than a d6 and that table top mechanics don’t really translate into good video games, but one of the things that makes Necromunda and Mordheim good on the table top is that an improbable shot from a Juve with a stub gun can kill a leader or heavy in one shot. When you start to rake away the ability for everyone to effectively kill in one shot the game becomes too much like maths problem.

There are a lot of other “features” that I didn’t like (bad 3D map, confusing and unseen skills descriptions, and confused scenarios goals among them) but the above is the biggest deviation from tabletop that stops me from enjoying the heck out of Mordheim.

The best “feature” is the difficulty of the game. I love that Mordheim doesn’t pretend to be nice and just guts you for making mistakes. It’s very reminiscent of tabletop where your gang/warband is constantly getting injured or dying and is scrabbling to survive.

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The main issue I have with Mordheim is that there is no real tutorial in the “story mode” and there is no end to it as you can just keep farming your games until you have built a great gang.

What I would like to see implemented as game modes are the following:

1/ a short single player “story mode” that runs you through gang set up, starts with a basic gang war scenario, runs through a post game sequence, then gives you a set run through all of the available scenarios against 1 or 2 persistent AI gangs.

2/ a map based single/multiplayer mode with adjustable parameters that can be set up as a closed campaign to be played with friends. This for me would be the main game type to be played and would allow both single and multiplayer with option for selecting how many human and how many AI gangs were taking part in a turf war.

3/ a one off skirmish mode, where existing gangs from the other two game types or gangs made specifically for this game type can battle it out in one off scenarios. This is the game mode that needs match making and will end up being the “hard-core” PvP arena for those that only want to play against humans.

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I’m torn between whether I want the multiplayer in this game to just be random skirmishes or to be a map based campaign (limited turf) between a set number of opponents.

I fell like the first is better if you want multiplayer against random opponents but the second is better if you intend to play with known group of friends.

Obviously match making would be more important if it is just random games against other gangs if there is no other way of balancing gangs in game (such as special tricks or hired guns or XP bonuses for the underdog).

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Necroing an old thread, but for me the bigger question is should gaining turf resemble the old Necromunda system or the new N17 Necromunda system.

The old system was basically every territory had a special ability to boost your gang but the new system has turf size and special territories as completely separate things. Personally while I prefer the older system I think the new system lends itself better to a map based campaign (and this a mini-game for a computer game).

The game can then set up a solo or multiplayer map based campaign with modofiable parameters (map size, number of other gangs, length of campaign, etc.) which will increase replay ability of the game once story mode is finished.

The big question on a map based campaign is if you use a turn based system or a timed system to manage expansion in the map.

In tabletop with turf just being a measure of how good your gang is as well as giving an income stream it lends itself to the fights themselves nearly always being in no mans land and the expansion into new territories just being a simple expansion of the gangs area of influence.

Remember that in between the actual gang fights is really just war and management and once it is done then it is just starting the next round of the campaign and selecting the next opponent and scenario to play.

If you want to make it more interesting have the AI gangs be persistent gangs for each campaign and also take part in the actions of selecting an opponent and having a battle each campaign round.

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