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There are some new Monsters in Town











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would be just great to get a fix for the small issues.
Let the game end with an unfinished DLC is just not what this game deservers.

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then you know me not good enough, i was there from day 1. and also donated for this game.

what i don´t understand is that everybody is complaining about this game. How much does this game cost and how many hours of fun you have with it? It´s totally worth the money.

PZ was a bully because the old publisher where a bunch of a**holes.

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@riskywisky said in MudRunner 2 Announcement:

Hocus Pocus Focus, this is such a rip-off, all of the people who remember pavel in 2014 remember how much of an absolute bully he was to the community and modders, i mean really i aint buying anything with spintires anymore.

Bye Bye!
When you will leave the Forum?

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You think so?? Did you not bought his Mod and helped his family?

If i‘m not always get the newest version this makes really no sense to buy his stuff.
Can i get in contact with him beside Facebook?
Because i have no FB account

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@ewgenij84 said in DRACONUS Mudrunner Overhaul:

He ask of donation... why... i have say above... his words: everyone who donates me... get a copy of the overhaul...

What about Updates of the overhaul Mod? Does i always get the newest Version of it?

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It was told many many times that there will be no new DLC for Mudrunner.

But i also hope der is a fix for AW. There are many more bugs, missing driveshaft on the F150, wrong cdt mesh on the kenworth crane, no working lights on skidder and forwarder

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That Jeep looks so good. I´m more the standard truck guy not lifted and with 44 inch tires. So very happy to see this work of art.

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@wrangmog recall a truck to your actually used truck and position is possible but not recall to the garage

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