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@Muhammad said in Hand bug:

here are my video settings, how do i send my dxdiag thing?

On the toolbar when creating a message/reply there's a icon that lets you upload a file, second icon from the right. Just upload your Dxdiag using that, it should work.

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@ham-cucumber said in How many more threads do we need about the bot aim?:

Please don't suggest to switch to a paid DLC model. They already said they'd add microtransactions for cosmetics which means I have to break my boycott of games with MTX, and now a split playerbase on top of that would straight up kill the game for me. The free DLC includes maps and weapons, so you would see players that have weapons that you have no access too. Imagine you'd have to buy the VHS and QZB, and the new maps. Utter insanity.

Eventually the money will run out, and they've got to get some income from somewhere if people stop buying the full game, I don't like microtransactions so paid DLC is the only way I see this all working, and it seems like they need the extra cash flow for extra devs anyhow. Just floating it out there, my opinion will probs get panned by the playerbase anyways XD Can't blame them.

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@Viheraho said in Pls fix this ammo thing:

You can allways have 2 rockets in rpg style weapons no matter the carrier.
With heavy you have them ready, no kit or the small one you just tap resupply to get a spare one.

I think this would be a better system:

No carrier= Only the preloaded rocket
Light carrier= Preloaded+1 spare.
Heavy carrier= Preloaded+2 spare.

The third rocket can be justified the fact that maps are so big
that there are insane amount of camp spots that need to be cleared.

This would ruin the light carrier though. From what I understand the light carrier was never supposed to be for heavy things like RPG shells etc, it was only met for extra small items like grenades and magazines. Hence the heavy carrier is called the 'heavy carrier' because it can specifically carry more heavy items not more ITEMS in general like the light carrier.

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@Arc Perhaps you'd know this. Does the Insurg dev team do AMAs at all, either on this forum or reddit etc?

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@Demonhart said in How many more threads do we need about the bot aim?:

Getting really bored of this crap coming from idiots like you.

You people are like kids asking the mother to buy "this and that" without realizing what it costs .

I've studied game design, and I've made games, don't tell me about "realizing what it costs". When I pay for a product I expect that product to be functioning and not thoroughly broken in every aspect. I've bought this and that, and have got a broken mess for it. As the consumers, we shouldn't have to ask for "this and that", it should be part of the product of the bat.

Try to understand that the development process if very complex and difficult, there is a 35 people team not all of which are actual developers(aka programmers), which is very small and there is hundreds of you complaining every day and night. When the "code-writers" are delegated for a task they can`t spread attention to all of your complains and some problems require days of work.

Everyone knows the dev process is long and difficult, but if the game wasn't ready then it shouldn't have been released, the launch should have been postponed until the games problems were sorted out. People have been asking for fixes to the AI problem since launch, and all we've heard is the devs are working on it (and all respect to the community devs, they're great) but we've heard nothing on the development of the reworked AI, update after update, changelog after changelog, nothing is mentioned. And the fixes they do bring out, don't actually fix anything. Since first playing this game, I considered it of the greatest games I've ever played, it's detail and gameplay are amazing, and i'd give all the time to the devs, yet they do not communicate.

Just like you, i suffer from those instants head-shots from a shotgun within 150 meters, yes, it is frustrating but, goddammit, have some patience and respect for these guys, stop whining indefinitely - this is just pathetic and immature.

If you're alright with paying for a half baked product, that's up to you, but don't sit there and tell me i'm pathetic and immature because I won't. In all honesty, Sod off with that crap. I've had patience since release, yet the game still feels like it's in Alpha, the devs are bringing out new gamemodes, new maps, new weapons, yet half the playerbase are still dealing with severe problems, like crashing, optimization. graphical glitches which make the game unplayable etc. My patience has run out. Fix the core problems of this game so the people who paid for your product can actually enjoy it before you start creating more maps and guns.

I'd give all the time in the world to this game because it was so great, I only ask that the dev team be more communicative with issues. What is it, lack of manpower? Then why create free DLC packs. Is it lack of talent? Then again, why not put the free DLC up for a price, then they could hire extra help. Or is it they just don't care and would rather focus on new maps and weapons? Who knows, because we barely here anything from the devs.

This is why the forum has so many complaints:

The saddest part is that this message could be applied to 90% on the threads of this forum.

Please provide us with that 90%, post the links below.

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@lafoxxx92 said in Community Update #4: Free PC Content Roadmap 2019:

Again "Russian weapons for terrorists only"?


What else did you want, no western weapons right?

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lol, this has been reported for nearly six months now, their recent changlog, no mention of even working on it. They don't care and probably won't ever fix it.

Also devs, how comes the MK 12 Marksman Rifle hasn't had it's Bipod Foregrip fixed yet?

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@GSG_9_LIGHTNING said in For gods sake ! Developers Please put more attention to A.I. coding ! Frustrating gameplay in COOP:

No rage in my post, just some dissapointment and frustration.

Except one least for me ... the flanking / attacking bots . In my opinion it is important to keep the tension high and the danger of getting shot is always present in such a war zone.
So why not take that risk serious and cover the team in any direction at all times ?
It raises the immersion for me to always have some flanking bots which keep the team busy and alert !

Don't get me wrong. I think flanking is awesome, i'd love if the bots do it. But they don't, what I meant when I said flanking is the buts rush a old objective because of bad code, then the proper code kicks in and they retreat (10 minutes after they should) back to the new objective that they were supposed to be protecting, which causes them to flank. But it's not done with intelligence, making it rather broken and unfair. I'm just hoping, flanking is implemented properly and not through an accidental bug.

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If you wouldn't mind, could you add AI spawning points. The Bots keeps spawning on the last objectives way to fast, no one ever has time to get gear and prepare.

Could you also mention that bots are still rushing dead/secured objectives 5 mins after capture time. They than flank the team due to poor AI code.

Another thing; The AI is completely numb to Flashbangs, Smoke detection, Hollow Meshes (ie curtains). All these things need addressing.

Lastly, the Bots are still bending bullets around objects, penetrating Sandbags and tracking players through walls.

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@GSG_9_LIGHTNING said in Lost All my cosmetics!:

It´s all good mate , we all pull on the same side of the rope to get the devs over to the right direction.
Sometimes it´s just the rough tone in this forum that disturbs my inner peace.
In such cases i have to intervene with some words here.
Let´s drink a beer on that discussion and close it in peace !

Peace my dude. Hope to see you in game.